Your 2012 Business Mantra

A gift for you, for your business…and something you can give as a gift to your homey, too.

Your 2012 Business Mantra

As you may know, Adred the Magic Cat and I are avid Tarot card readers. I’ve used this tool as a guide in my business for years and with mucho success. I believe that this powerful divination tool taps into our collective unconscious to expose the wisdom and guidance that is already waiting for us.

So Much to Celebrate!

Why not take this time to get some of that inner-wisdom goodness and let it guide you as we go through this amazing, world-changing, energy-shifting magical year?

I’ll do a reading for you relating to your business this year. I will uncover the areas of your biz (and life!) which may need special attention right now and come up with a personalized mantra just for you.

You’ll receive an MP3 recording of my summary of your reading (approximately 10 minutes) AND a beautiful PDF document with your personal 2012 Business Mantra so you can print it out and tape it up where you’ll be sure to see it every day.

Some of the things the reading may reveal:

  • Where your energy is being wasted or leaking
  • Which influences in your life you have the most control over
  • Which influences in your life you have the least control over (and may have to let go of)
  • How you can relate past lessons to your path moving forward

All of this information will be used to create a simple, powerful mantra that will serve to keep you and your biz on-track throughout the year.


Jenny, you are a gifted intuitive.  I cannot express my appreciation enough for the reading and for the mantra.  You handled even the most delicate insights with such compassion and encouragement.  I am more at peace with my direction and now  feel that I have, not only more guidance, but a friend on the journey.” ~Pamela Brackett of Creative Dharma


Jenny doesn’t know me from Joe, even though we live just an hour apart, but her reading was astoundingly accurate. She identified issues from my parents (so I know she didn’t just Google me), and how those issues are playing out in my life right now. She also pinpointed a continuing saga in my life that is reaching a resolution (yay!) that I NEVER talk about. Jenny also honed in on my achilles’ heel and gave me guidance on how to navigate it (as well as a fun little mantra to use) for greater success.” ~Lisa Young of


Jenny’s intuitive gift is just astounding! I gave her just a bit of business background, and in this short reading she was able to instantly hone in on the core issue that is troubling me. She acknowledged the issues I am facing and gave me a clear idea for how to gain some clarity with it. Best of all I felt empowered and hopeful after listening to my reading. My new business mantra resonates with me deeply and I am posting it on my wall!I felt like a kind friend or healer was in the room with me as I listened to her read my cards.” ~ Sarah O’Leary of Wellness – The Natural Way


 I’m not used to having Tarot readings for my business, but when it was Jenny Bones offering them, I didn’t blink an eye and asked for a reading right away. At the time of the reading, Jenny didn’t know me well. She didn’t know anything about my personal life or the details related to my business. But when I received the recording of her reading (she was swift, elegant, professional), she blew my mind. I admit I had goosebumps while listening to her voice. She EXACTLY put her finger on the two primary issues I was dealing with and offered insightful, compassionate and doable solutions. The business mantra she provided in addition to the reading serves as my desktop wallpaper today because reading it each morning and reminding myself of Jenny’s timely and magical wisdom helps me fine-tune myself and my business at the start of every single day.” ~ C. A. Kobu of Wake Up and Flourish & A Year With Myself


How much? $45



Buy a reading for yourself and one to give to a friend for only $50 for BOTH (that’s only $5 more for those of you who aren’t too good at maths). Because giving is fun.


I want one for me plus one for a friend. $50


After making your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me asking just a few simple questions. If you’ve purchased the gift package, I’ll ask for your friend’s info at that time, too.

Within 3-5 business days, you’ll have your reading’s recording and printable 2012 Business Mantra in your gorgeous hands so you can put that puppy to work.


PS: I’m supposed to put something salesy here but all I really wanted to say was how very grateful I am to have had you in my life this past year…and how excited I am that we can continue our journeys together. Thank you, for being who you be!


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