S’mores Camp

Summer Camp, S’mores and…Success

Who says the recipe to success has to be full of boring straight laced ingredients?

When Sandi and I sat down to create our newest program we knew one thing for certain: We did not want to put out another mind-numbing mastermind meeting or action-less accountability group.

Let’s face it, we’ve become immune to these types of “business growth tools.” You show up every week at the given time, you state your goals to the group and browse Pinterest while everyone else shares, then you return the next week with the same set of unfinished goals. Yawn.

What’s missing? Fun, baby. FUN!

Summer is meant to be fun. It’s a time of rejuvenation, new adventures and, of course, sweet ‘n gooey s’mores.

Summertime is also an historically slow time for many businesses. It’s when people let their motivation slide into lazy days by the pool. By August, the sudden realization that nothing’s been done sends the unprepared solopreneur into a desperate tailspin to turn things around. It’s a nasty cycle.

Don’t let that happen to your business this year.

Introducing the First Ever…

It’s a mouthful. But then, shouldn’t it be?

Come gather ’round the campfire with other like minded solopreneurs to grow, learn, play, connect and share.

In this three-month program, you’ll have the opportunity to really push the limits of where you can take your business while having the support of two talented camp counselors and all your fellow campers.

Each month we’ll have three campfire sessions to work on key topics crucial to the healthy growth of your world-changing business.

You’ll also get a week off each month to catch your breath and really absorb all the goodness you’re learning because…

You will be asked to do some tough-but-transformational work.

You will be challenged on your perceived limits.

You will be gently pulled outside your comfort zone.

And that’s all part of summer camp. It’s not all about fun and games, after all. It’s also about:

  • Personal transformation
  • Making new connections
  • Learning that you can go further than you’d ever thought possible
  • Pushing through the fear, taking a deep breath and climbing those mountains

When it’s over, you emerge stronger and more confident. You have the clarity you need to make a meaningful impact on the world with your business. You step into the world with greater purpose knowing you have bonded with an incredible support network and gained the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Oh, and those goals? They’re so much bigger now.

With the monthly campfire circles, challenges, games and surprises you will have all the tools, information and support you need to renew and energize your business.

Won’t you come play with us?

The Camp Counselors:

Sandi Amorim, life coach extraordinaire and owner of Deva Coaching, is a passionate instigator on a mission to wake people up from their “someday” thinking.


Sandi so rocks! Not only is she a powerful coach, she’s also a brilliant business consultant. I just got off the phone with her – and the fog I had around some key issues in my new business is completely gone. She not only helped me regain my perspective, she gave me some great ideas and profound advice. I now have a clear path in front of me again!” ~Jason Sugar, Breakthrough Adventures


Jenny B (that’s me) is a copywriter and online marketing consultant who’s on a mission of her own: To inspire people to change their world with their words.


Jenny not only conjured up a clear picture of my perfect people but, even more powerfully, clarified whether or not the words I was choosing would communicate with those people perfectly! This powerful clarity has become the filter for every single thing I write and the results are nothing short of awesome: mailing list sign-ups are up by 25% and I have two new clients in as many days!” ~Paula Swenson, Creative Spirals


Sure, we both have tons of experience in our respective fields but what really makes us the best camp counselors you’ll ever meet is the fact that…wait for it…neither of us had the opportunity to attend summer camp as children. I know, it’s heart-breaking.

This is a dream-come-true for Sandi and me. Between the two of us, we’ve got enough energy, excitement and enthusiasm (I’m outta ‘e’ words now) to make this the best darned summer camp EVER!

And did we mention the s’mores?

Get in mah belleh~!

The Graham Cracker – May’s Special Ingredient


Marketing and copywriting are the foundation of any successful online business. It’s where you begin to build your S’more of Greatness (AKA: your business).

You’ll discover how to develop your own voice, create a compelling message and share that message with the world in a VERY LOUD ‘N PROUD MANNER (ahem). We know you’re a world-changer, let’s make sure everyone else gets it, too.

We’ll cover how to write for your business, what you should be writing about and how to market that content to a welcoming audience. You’ll have the opportunity to develop an editorial schedule for your blog for the entire year. How’s that for stress-free writing?

A scavenger hunt will guide you to the information you need to fulfill this month’s camp challenge. Yeah, you heard me right…a freakin’ scavenger hunt! What’s funner than that? (Do not tell me “funner’s” not a word. I’m a writer, I think I’d know if it wasn’t. Sheesh.)


Chocolate – June’s Special Ingredient

Chocolate is the glue that holds all the other pieces together and in our S’more of Greatness, that chocolate is your support network. You will learn the essential skills of relationship building, how to create successful joint venture projects, and use social media to effectively grow your support network.

Not to mention, you’ll have a phenomenal support group around our campfire. And surprise! This month’s camp challenge includes two games that will ensure you and your fellow campers will stay connected even after camp is over.


Marshmallow – July’s Special Ingredient

Marshmallows are gooey and sweet, and so is the topic of personal growth. But like any mouth-watering s’more, your business is incomplete if you haven’t added the marshmallow.

Your business will only grow to the level of your own internal success. Don’t let your lizard brain stand in your way. Learn the tools you need to rise above those fears and emotions.

This month’s ingredient will transform the way you perceive fear, approach self-care and even how you show up in the world. You’ll have the confidence, support and understanding you need to leapfrog up to new heights.


Monthly Campfire Schedule:



First week – This 90-minute campfire chat will be a teaching session. You will receive in-depth coaching on the month’s Special Ingredient, get a chance to ask questions and receive a challenge designed to nourish and enrich your learning experience.

Second week – In a rotating schedule, the camp will be broken off into two mini-groups to meet and discuss how things are going with the Special Ingredient and monthly challenge.

Third week – We will all reconnect around the campfire to receive additional coaching on the monthly Special Ingredient in a one-hour Q&A session.

Fourth week – You can use this week to relax, step back and absorb everything you learned in the previous three weeks. Take advantage of it. Go grill some tuna steaks and make a nice salad. You’ll need some nutritious food after eating all those s’mores.


The Dates:

*All scheduled calls will be held on Tuesdays at Noon PT, 3pm ET

May 8 – Marketing & Copywriting Teaching Session

May 15 – Mini-Marshmallow Mastermind Session (campers only)

May 22 – Marketing & Copywriting Q&A Session


June 5 – Networking for Support & Growth Teaching Session

June 12 – Mini-Marshmallow Mastermind Session (campers only)

June 19 – Networking for Support & Growth Q&A


July 3 – Personal Pathways & Life Lessons Teaching Session

July 10 – Mini-Marshmallow Mastermind Session (campers only)

July 17 – Personal Pathways & Life Lessons Q&A


So, what else do I get?

[custom_list style=”list-1″]

    • Access to “download friendly” MP3 recordings of all teaching and Q&A Campfire Calls.
  • Free 30-minute one-on-one quick-fire sessions with Sandi or Jenny (or both!). During the second week of every month, each camp counselor will reserve six 30-minute sessions to meet with campers who need a little extra support on their journey. These sessions will be provided on a first come, first served basis.
  • A private Facebook group to connect and share with each other between calls. This group will keep the campfires burning all through the summer. Use it to mingle, ask questions, reach out for support or post the latest cute-animal-video you found on YouTube.
  • A downloadable resource guide listing all of the tools and people we trust and use in our own businesses. This includes scheduling software, email marketing providers, web hosting, conference hosting, designers, copy writers, social media management tools and much more. We’ve tested, love and trust everything we list in this valuable resource guide.
  • Extra-Special-Expert Calls. These calls will be held in addition to the regular camp schedule and will include experts on various topics that are critical to growing your business. MP3 recordings of these calls will be provided!
  • 50% off all one-on-one life coaching sessions with Sandi. During our Summer Camp, we want you to receive all the love and support you need to reach your goals. A session with Sandi can truly transform your perspective on whatever challenges you are facing right now.
  • 50% off all marketing consultation sessions with Jenny. These one-hour sessions can quickly and painlessly bring you the clarity you need to successfully market your business. Social media strategy, creating products that sell, website conversion, finding your voice and copywriting coaching are just a few of the topics we can cover in these sessions.


Camp Fees and Application Process

Attendance requires a full 3-month commitment and all campers will be selected based on their application. Campers are expected to have their game faces on, potato sacks ready and water balloons full! We work hard, but we play harder.

We reserve the right to decline an applicant’s request if we don’t feel they are a good fit for this program. This is an intensive program designed for people who are willing to do the tough-but-transformational work required to make an impact.

Cost for the camp:

3 monthly payments of $250 each


1 payment of $650 (save $100)

Ready to indulge in some s’mores AND kick your business up a notch? Well then…

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