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How to Crush Your Competition Overnight

    “It takes a village…” is the monthly topic chosen by a fantastic group of bloggers I happen to be a proud part of. And it’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart. A barrier that I consistently uncover when working with clients, […]

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5 Actionable Ideas That Will Save You Time and Propel Your Business

  Idea #1: Don’t underestimate yourself. What is easy-peasy to you might be awesome to another. What you do effortlessly might be an unbelievable skill in the eyes of another person. So instead of getting obsessed with being authentic (because fancy and overused concepts won’t help you) […]

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How to Get New Clients AND Raise Your Rates (Win!)

This is a guest post from the always-ossum Sharon Hurley Hall. Great advice that I’m honored to share with you here, check it out: There are two issues that many freelancers struggle with. The first is how to get more clients. The second is how to put […]

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