The PAP Smear Post

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Maybe it’s all the romance and roses that Valentine’s Day brings but, for whatever reason, lately I’ve been thinking about PAP smears.

I hate the things. So much so that I haven’t had one in over 5 years…well over 5 years. I know, I know. Regular PAPs and mammograms are a girl’s best friend, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to go get one. Especially when my doctor’s office sits right next to a nail salon. I mean, c’mon Universe.

You might think it’s the humiliation of getting naked and putting your feet in stirrups only to be instructed (every single time) to “scoot down a bit more” so as to expose your most private of parts more completely. But it’s not that.

Nor is it the ice-cold, well-lubed medieval device known as the speculum and the awful clicking sound it makes when it’s served its purpose.

And it’s not the distantly painful feeling in the depths of your gut when that long cotton swab enters your cervix.

It’s not that I had to go back once for a biopsy in which they replace the long cotton swab with a long pair of nail clippers that they use to snip pieces of your cervix off. Nope.

It’s not even about the laser procedure I had to have done immediately after the biopsy results came back. And it’s not that the doctors didn’t know how tolerant I was to sedatives so they didn’t give me enough and I woke up several times during the procedure. This time with my legs strapped tightly to the stirrups and my hands bound in leather straps to the hospital bed. And there was pain. A lot of pain.

None of these are the reason I hate PAP smears so much.

The real reason is: One time I got a result I didn’t like so I said “Fuck it.”


While this may be an unpleasant and mildly gruesome example, we all do this in our businesses and lives way too often. One time we get a result we don’t like, whether it’s “No thanks.” or “I don’t want to buy your product.” or “It’s cancer.” and we decide to never do that thing again.

But what do we risk by running away from the unpleasantness of life? What opportunities or new experiences do we turn our back to out of fear? What serious troubles may arise by our not doing those things we are afraid to do?

A whole shitload by my estimations.

So I have made my appointment for the first PAP test I’ve had in many, many years. I’m terrified. And, as I mentioned, there’s a nail salon right next to the doctor’s office making it all-too-tempting to just duck in for a mani/pedi and suck up the “missed appointment fee” once again.

It’s scheduled for next Thursday afternoon. There. Now I’m accountable to you. I’ve put it out there and people will know if I wussed out by how polished my nails look.

Now…onto you, my precious. What can you leave in the comments section to make yourself publicly accountable? What task or chore have you been avoiding for whatever reason and are you ready to just get the shit done already?

Is it worse than getting naked in front of a stranger and putting your feet up in stirrups so they can poke and prod about? If not, I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to do it!

Hiding Abundance

Let’s face it, in this land of plenty, Americans more than anyone else love to whine about their lack of abundance. Yes, I know that times are tough but we still have it better than the vast majority of the world’s population and yet we are so fixated on chasing the abundance we feel is missing in our lives.

So what is this elusive “abundance” anyway?

In my opinion, the reason the so-called “law of attraction,” vision boards, manifestation meditation, visualization hypnosis and all the other tricks and magic spells so often fail is because of a basic misunderstanding of abundance.

The other day I cleared my whiteboard and began to list every person I needed to get in contact with either for business or just to ‘catch up.’ I’ve been remiss in keeping up with friends the last couple months and thought this list might help.

Names kept coming to me and the list kept getting longer and longer until it nearly filled up the board. My first thought upon looking at the list? “Fuck it, I’m only one person. How can I be expected to do all this??”

Whine, whine, whine.

Luckily that first thought only lasted a split second. Immediately after, my thoughts were shifted to what that list really illustrated: I am surrounded by SO many amazing, creative, generous, kind, caring, compassionate and otherwise awesome people.

I have an abundance of awesomes in my life!

So I decided to make some more lists. As it turns out, I also have an abundance of the following things:

  • T shirts
  • Jeans
  • Knee socks in cool colors
  • Foods that combine nuts and chocolate
  • Books on the occult
  • Crystals
  • Magic markers
  • Pillows
  • Feathers found during long walks in the woods
  • Special stones given to me by even more special children (not sure why but children, even ones I don’t know, are often compelled to give me rocks and stones…a magical gift, indeed)
  • Letters and notes given to me by loved ones
  • Memorabilia from special times (dinner napkins, theater tickets, etc.)
  • Photos of my children
  • Nail polish
  • Emails!
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Happy memories
  • Sad memories
  • Recipes
  • Chipmunks and squirrels (outside my window)
  • Dreams
  • Fantasies
  • Hope

It is impossible to make abundance lists without letting some gratitude sneak in. And therein lies the secret to “the secret.”

Abundance is all around us. We merely need to turn our attention to it. Become aware of it. And suddenly the feeling of “need” is replaced by satisfaction.

Once we are able to come from this space of awareness and gratitude, we make room for all the other stuff the Universe wants us to have….like a new really special rock from an angel disguised as a child.

Start making a list or two and you’ll see what I mean. What do you have in abundance in your life? Let us know in the comments and inspire us all!

Living in the Land of Bad Beats

As some of you may already know, I’m just getting back on my feet after a pretty intense bout with depression. Thanks to friends/angels, massive doses of Vitamin D3 and not just a little help from above, I’m back in a safe place and happy to be alive.

It’s impossible to take a holiday basking in the cold darkness of depression without coming back with some reflections and lessons. And all I’ve been able to think about these past few days is how skewed our perception of reality can be. Let me explain.

There is a tragic and not-so-uncommon anomaly in poker known as the “Bad Beat.”  As a one-time professional poker player, I’m all too familiar with it.

Picture this. You are dealt pocket aces and make a big bet before the flop. The donk sitting next to you calls with pocket twos. The flop comes 9, 10, J. Your odds of winning are overwhelming. You go all in. The donk calls, knowing he might already be drawing dead, knowing there are only two cards in the deck that can give him any hope of taking this hand, knowing there are only two more community cards to be dealt. But he calls. And he gets a two on the river to take you out.

This is a bad beat.

When I was the victim of one of these hands, it would mean the end of my playing. Not just for the night, but for days and sometimes weeks. I would have to cleanse myself of the experience and it’s not something that’s ever come easy for me. My habit is to hold onto the misery of that bad beat for as long as possible. Without active intervention on my part, I’d never get over it!

I believe my difficulty in shaking these moments off is a key lesson for me…and possibly for you, too.

The average weekly-poker-night-with-the-guys guy loves nothing more than to sit around and rehash his worst bad beats. I’ve seen people exchange stories of bad beats for hours like they were war wounds. Each one trying to top the other with the stakes lost and odds overcome to their ultimate demise.

I have never, ever, not once seen a group of poker players exchange stories of their good beats. The ones where they called on a whim with pocket twos and took down those aces. The ones where they were terribly short-stacked and went all-in as a last hope of staying in the tourney only to get lucky six more times and end up winning the game. No. We rarely ever talk about those hands.

Why? Because our perception of reality is disfigured, imbalanced. Most of us at some point in our early childhood got the message that we, in some way, “weren’t good enough.” We carry that story with us like a security blanket. Its truth becomes engrained in our psyche and our egoic minds believe that the only way we’ll be “safe” is if we continue to be “not good enough.” We only seek out and acknowledge evidence that supports this “truth” and ignore all the rest.

In my observations, the greatest poker players in the world have a firm rule to never discuss their bad beats. They want to remain in the moment, in the true reality of the situation, and not let the past affect their present. They strive for balance and train their minds to see reality for what it is.

They know that living in the land of bad beats means a life of regret and mediocrity.

The truth is, if I’m sitting at a table for four hours playing poker, I’ll play hundreds of hands and get lucky dozens of times before that bad beat ever comes. A truly balanced mind can see this for what it is and simply shrug off the bad beat as something that sometimes happens to everyone.

But our egos want to wrap around those few seconds and disregard the other countless hours lived. It wants to hold onto that proof that we are not good enough so that it can remain in a place of familiarity and safety.

The paradox is that the very parts of ourselves which can be the most self-destructive are also the parts working the hardest to keep us safe. Unless, that is, we take an active role in moving towards a state of balance and presence.

Our true freedom lies in that choice.

We are all seeking something. Abundance, prosperity, love, friendship, success, or even just a little luck. But are you certain these things do not already surround you?  Could you simply be missing it all by living in the land of bad beats?

And are you ready to join me in working towards a more balanced perception of reality where we see clearly and feel nothing but gratitude for all that we are given?

I want this to be the start of an ongoing conversation about this rather complex topic. I’d love it if you shared your thoughts, too.

Multitasking vs. Crack

[message type=”custom”]Originally published on Natural Write, this post (with some very minor changes) is being republished here at the request of my very dear friend and desi sister, Jen.[/message]

I read or heard about a study recently which showed that multitasking does more damage to brain function than smoking cocaine. I cannot seem to find that study to cite, probably because I was talking on the phone while searching Google, but I’ve no doubt it’s true.

Multitasking became a household word during the 1980s when personal computers became commonplace. These new PCs ran on operating systems that were designed to run more than one program at a time, to multitask.

Suddenly everyone thought it’d be cool to be a multitasker too.

I can admit it. I was once a project manager who prided herself on her leet multitasking skills. Don’t judge, it was the 90s. You weren’t cool unless you were snorting cocaine whilst getting a manicure and making a conference call to your stock broker to tell him what’s what.

Cool? Not-so-much. The truth is, multitasking not only impairs your brain function at the time of said tasks, it can cause permanent and long term difficulty in concentration and learning.

It is reported that our children are such talented multitaskers they are able to consume 8 1/2 hours of media time in 6 1/2 hours of actual media usage. Perhaps the ADD epidemic’s answer lies not in amphetamines but in media/multitasking control.

There is no longer any doubt that humans are not wired for multitasking. When we attempt it, each task takes us longer to do and is performed with much less accuracy.

It’s one thing to send an email to the wrong recipient because you were also watching the evening news. It’s quite another thing to drive your SUV into a school bus because you were also sending a text message.

Today, as I adjust to life as a solopreneur, I have come to realize that there is no better approach to any task than sheer focus.

If not for focus and actively preventing myself from attempting anything remotely resembling multitasking, I would have no business of which to speak.

Are you an avid multitasker? What do you do to unwind and help you focus?

Lessons from the Felt

Some of you might be surprised to hear that for a few years I made much of my income playing poker. It’s true, and I was a damned good shark if I do say so. I played online (before The Man cracked down on online poker sites) and would travel to Atlantic City every weekend to rid the tourists of their Social Security checks. Hey, don’t be judgin’…it’s a tough game and all’s fair in love and no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em.

I always donned well-manicured nails and wore low-cut cleavage-heavy blouses to distract the predominantly male tables. I’d shuffle my chips and act aloof hoping the men were paying more attention to thoughts of hitting on me than calling my bluffs. I wore dark sunglasses to hide my tell-tale eyes, my ability to keep a poker face ended with my pupils and one must know and cover their weaknesses wherever possible.

Here’s a few other invaluable lessons I learned:

The Only Person Who Can Beat You is You

As with golf and transcendental meditation, poker is a game you play against yourself. If you are able to accurately identify your weaknesses, address them head-on (with compassion for yourself!) and keep your cool, you will win more often than you will lose.

The same is true for entrepreneurs. You know you’re your own worst enemy. Embrace it. Use this to your advantage. Never stop growing, learning, and deepening your understanding of what makes you tick.

Take Calculated Risks

In a poker tournament, the clock is ticking. You start with a limited amount of chips and the game gets increasingly more expensive each round. If you sit there and wait for the perfect cards before making a move, you’ll be sure to be one of the first ones out.

Do not wait until you think you know everything there is to know before taking a risk and starting a new business. You’ll never know all that is needed until you jump in. If you sit and wait for that perfect moment to act (which rarely, if ever, comes) you’ll be swept aside by others’ success in no time.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Make Your Decisions

Poker players are a superstitious bunch. But most of the top players in the world have learned not to depend on these emotional crutches. In order to be a true champion, our emotions must be transcended. Those urges to throw your water bottle across the table at the donkey who called you down with pocket twos can mean a quick end to your game. Don’t let the donkey win!

It’s tough not to get emotionally attached to our businesses. They are our babies, our creations, and they are soaked with our blood, sweat and tears. But sometimes it’s best to walk away and start anew and I’ve seen so many clients unwilling to let go and move on. When making a major decision with your business, spend some time purging any emotional responses you have and approach the decision instead with logic sprinkled with a sense of adventure. This takes courage, so don’t forget to strap on a pair of ovaries first!

Never Assume You’re the Best

You’re not. No one is. Only strive to be the best you can be whether in poker, life or business. The moment you begin to believe you’re the best, keep your eyes open. Life is likely about to remind you otherwise. ‘Nuff said there.

Pay Attention to Everyone Around You

It’s not enough to battle our own demons and strive to be the best player we can be. We also have to keep close watch on how the other players are behaving. Are they on tilt because of that last big hand they lost? Do they have a tendency to always bet on the button? Have they gone all-in more than is reasonably believable? These clues can give us the information we need to make those calculated risks I spoke about earlier.

Always know what other people in your business’ niche are up to. Subscribe to their newsletters, engage them in social media discussions about how they do business. Take stock in everything that is working for them but play closer attention to what they’re doing wrong. Unlike in a game of poker, this information won’t be used to “beat your opponent,” but rather to lift your business up to new heights.

Suffer No Loss of Enthusiasm

I saved the most difficult two lessons for last and this is certainly one of them. When you lose a big hand in poker, it can be crushing. You were so certain you were going to win that hand, and yet Lady Luck had other plans. You feel your heart sink into your stomach and your blood pressure skyrocket. Staying in the emotion of disappointment and frustration is what is known in the poker world as being on “tilt” and it is deadly poison to your game.

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who have failed the most. Ask them, they’ll tell you. Much like Jim Carrey (one of my favorite success stories), many of them started from meager beginnings and endured thousands of “no’s” before ever breaking through to success. What separates them from the rest of us who hear “no” all the time? They shook each one off, never lost faith in what they were doing and carried on with the same enthusiasm with which they started.

Stay Present (and Sober!)

Last but certainly not least, one must stay fully present. You must learn from your mistakes but not dwell in them. You must enjoy your victories but not take them for granted. The key to success is to stay fully present in the moment. It is quite Zen, truth be told, and vitally important but admittedly no easier than it sounds.

There are few pieces of advice more powerful than “be here now.” As an entrepreneur it is paramount to your winning. We cannot live in the past or future. Rather, we must be fully passionate about everything we are doing right here and now. As for the sober part…well, just take a lesson from Susie Q. and never tweet drunk.

What lessons have you learned through your entrepreneurial journey? Which of these, if any, do you struggle with the most?

Ethical Pricing and Food on Your Face

Ethical pricing. It’s one of the biggest challenges my perfect people consistently struggle with.

I struggle with it, and so does practically everyone I know. Recently I have been blessed with tons of conversations around this topic with several incredibly brilliant and awakened online solopreneurs. These conversations have led to some exciting breakthroughs and I’m eager to share them with you here.

My recent decision to jack up my coaching prices and offer pro bono coaching to those who need it was inspired, in no small part, by a series of discussions I had with the lovely Leslie of

I want to pause here to make an important clarification about my decision:

[message type=”custom” width=”70%” align=”center” start_color=”#fffff7″ end_color=”#B5EDFF” border=”#999999″ color=”#333333″]I have NOT raised my copywriting fees to $750/hour!

My previous post related only to my coaching business. I will be focusing 80%+ of my time on copywriting. My prices are reasonable and I do offer payment options if needed. People within the UpYourImpactFactor community enjoy at least 10% automatically deducted from any proposal.[/message]

Okay, now back to my future blog wife. That’s right, you heard it here first…I’ll be proposing to Leslie as soon as I can find the perfect virtual ring. It will mean hours spent on Pintrest but it’s so worth it. Please, mum’s the word. I want it to be a surprise.

Every once in awhile I get to witness a stroke of genius. It’s usually not mine, and that’s alright.

During our conversations, meditations and general meanderings about how to approach pricing in the most ethical way possible, Leslie came up with what I think is a truly inspired idea.

She developed the concept around the launch of her first ebook, Food on Your Face for Acne & Oily Skin and is calling it a 50/50 product. Half of all proceeds will be spent buying crunchy gifts for her community members:

“…from this very moment until December 20, 2011, 50% of all profits made from this book will be given back to participating members of Crunchy Betty through the purchase of gorgeous handmade goods and ingredients to use for natural beauty products and other homemade pursuits. – CrunchyBetty

First let me just say the book is fucking awesome. It contains tons of great info including 35 recipes, plus a switch-out chart that provides an infinite number of possible combinations…all from the crap (I mean…organic goodness) you already have in your kitchen.

None of the links here are affiliate in nature, I just thought you should know about what Leslie’s doing.

With her 50/50 program she is successfully supporting the work she does, giving back to her community and contributing to the crunchy-businesses she loves so much. She has formed a circle of giving to bring balance into her marketing and sales. Sheer brilliance!

If you think it might be right for you, go buy the book now (it’s only $7.99…more win). Check out her blog, too, and you’ll see why I adore her so much.

Integrity, Accountability and Gratitude…Oh My

I was supposed to be launching my new product right about now. A home-study course on everything I cover in my coaching program. But I ditched the project. Here’s why.

I’ve coached dozens upon dozens of awesome, amazing people since opening the doors here at Up Your Impact Factor. Each one of these people has a strong desire to make the world a better place by offering her unique gift or message.

To work with my clients is to know true bliss. They are my perfect people. They are my tribe. They are people who inspire and encourage, heal and teach. And many, if not most, are struggling to make ends meet right now.

If you were ever one of my coaching clients, you might recognize the contradiction in that last statement. I’ve always preached there are only two things that all of our perfect people have in common:

1. They can benefit from what we have to offer.

2. They can afford our services.

In keeping with this assertion, I tried to keep my prices very reasonable (by industry standards, mind you) and always offered flexible payment plans when needed. I thought I could do it better. I thought I could do it differently.

I can’t. Truth is, no one can.

By lowering my prices to keep them affordable, all I ended up doing was putting undue pressure on people to “take advantage of this amazing offer” when they barely had two dimes to rub together.

Not my intention! And a shitty way to do business, quite frankly.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Given everything I’ve learned, if I am to be brutally honest, and if any “online marketing coach” is to be brutally honest, the best advice I can offer someone who wants to start a business on a limited budget is to not spend ONE FUCKING DOLLAR on coaching. Not one!

(Shhh. If you listen carefully you might hear the sound of an adversary or two being made here.)

Spend your money hiring talented people who can do what you cannot. Invest in a web designer to spruce up your site. Invest in a graphic artist to create a new logo. Invest in a copy writer to spice up your shite. THIS is money well-spent.

Then spend your time reading and devouring free content about your business and marketing.

Almost everything you need, you already have in your heart.

For the rest of it, I promise you, there is a blog post out there somewhere that’ll teach you how.

Everything I know about marketing and copy writing will be revealed on this blog. I will write about each of the techniques I developed to conjure sumptuous clarity for my clients’ businesses. If you follow my posts, there is no longer any reason to hire me as a coach.

I’m completely fed up with the regurgitated products and questionable tactics coming from so many of my respected peers. I’m tired of hearing phrases like “low hanging fruit.” I’m sick of watching people proclaim to be one thing, then go after the very people they know are struggling most because that’s where the easy money is.

[message type=”warning”]Here’s a tip: If you’re broke, hold onto to your money. Do not send it to someone who promises you they can tell you how to make more money instantly, no matter how many cutesy words they make up.

They just did tell you! Sell a half-baked product to a bunch of desperate people and call it golden. That’s how to make easy money on the web. Secret’s out. No need to pay anyone else – ever – for that gem.[/message]

Please note, I am speaking specifically to the “make money online” niche. I am not referring to life coaches (I value my own life coach more than words can say!) I am not referring to energy healers or spiritual coaches, goddess knows the world needs more of them. I am not referring to organizational coaches, time management coaches or sexual liberation coaches.

I. Am. Only. Referring to the “make money online” coaching niche. I understand the value of marketing consultation for established businesses. But I bring into strong question the application of that type of service to people wanting to start a micro-business online as a cash-poor solopreneur.

Now that I’ve come to this realization, it is time for me to redesign my coaching services. The last thing I ever wanted to do was to see anyone in our community here suffer over whether or not they can afford to work with me.

My business’ focus will shift to copy writing. This is the best way for me to be of service to you while maintaining an income I can survive on.

But I love the personal connection coaching offers. I love spending even just a short time sharing someone else’s exciting adventure. I also know that what I offer is valuable. Magical things happen when we work together!

I do not want to remove coaching completely from my repertoire.

Gratitude Sessions

So, I will be offering 2 one-hour sessions each week pro bono (that’s right, for free) to two members of the community who submit a request. These one-time sessions are for people who cannot afford my new rate (wait for it…) but have a pressing issue with their marketing or writing that needs attention.

By “pro bono” I mean it. There will be no up-sell on the call. There will be nothing offered you at the end of our conversation. You get a solid 60 minutes of my time dedicated only to you and your questions.

This is my way of giving back to our growing community. My way of letting you know how grateful I am that you are walking this path with me, if even for a short time.

Plus, I get to be in service to people I sincerely love for eight hours each month. That makes me feel all warm honey ‘n butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon inside.

Cinnamon FTW!

Now, how can I make sure that only people who can easily afford my coaching will buy it? By drastically increasing my price, of course.

If you do not have time to follow the blog carefully, and do not qualify for pro bono work, but would like to get the marketing magic straight from the unicorn’s mouth…my new coaching rate is $750 per hour.

No flexi-pay. No multi-payment options. $750 cash-money up-front for one hour of my time.

Don’t get me wrong…this is a *very* scary leap for me. With this one post, I will be decimating a lucrative income stream from my business. But it’s more important that I sleep well at night.

My own personal evolution and the direction I see others taking in this niche (both in and out of alignment with my beliefs) has led me to this conclusion.

I need to trust my heart. I need to have faith that where one stream dries up, another will begin to flow. Because if we are following our Right Path and doing our Great Work, we cannot go wrong.

What are your thoughts on all this? I want to hear from everyone, and am especially hoping some of my beloved coaching clients might chime in. Please leave a comment below and let us know!


This is the Work I Was Born to Do

[message type=”custom” width=”90%” align=”center” start_color=”#fffff7″ end_color=”#d7acd0″ border=”#d7acd0″ color=”#832674″]Today’s is a guest post from my dear friend Pete Michaud. I think you’ll find his message as inspiring as I do and I’m *thrilled* he’s beginning to offer his services online.

PLEASE NOTE: None of the links in this post are affiliate links. Just wanted to give you a chance to meet Pete and take advantage of his new offerings. Enjoy![/message]

I told a story once on my blog about how I had been laid off from my cushy software development job where I was working from home making about a hundred thousand a year (which is great for a wage slave). It was exactly the kick in the ass I needed to get serious about building my own business and my own income.

It gave me the breathing room to begin writing my blog again, and the strong impetus to make this company work. They played off each other since the blogosphere loves pornographic stories about passive income.

I was ready for that one, and glad that it happened at the time.

Fast forward one year and one divorce later, my ex and I work out a deal in which she continues operating the business and I agree to collect only half of my half. We both have enough to pay the bills without slaving (because I designed the company to be automated). Everyone wins.

But I knew it was downhill when she told me she planned to let the company die and just use the resources from it to start another, identical company that I have no stake in. (Keepin’ it classy.)

Big, Ugly, Out for Blood

So my income has been dwindling from enough to pay my bills, to enough to buy me lunch sometimes and I’ve been stressed out because of that. I know how long it takes to get a business running, and I don’t have that kind of runway.

This kick almost caught me unaware. This one almost had me crying into my skirt, until I recognized the wake up call for what it is. I sat down to write this very article about the previous kick with the software job. That put me in exactly the right frame of mind to see that this situation is a message.

I’ve had enough time to rest on my laurels, and now it’s time to get really serious about my next step, my big passion. For me, that’s energy work.

I already figured out what I need to focus on at the beginning of 2011, and I jumped on it, but then I got distracted.

I’ve been doing sessions that have been going fantastically, and I even worked with Jenny to get a sales letter ready so I wasn’t so reliant on referrals. But that was a month ago, and the letter still isn’t up, for X, Y, and Z reasons, none of which I’ll recount here because all of them are bullshit.

When the universe sees you stall on the path, it sends exactly the messenger you need down the path after you. In my experience, the messenger is ugly, scary, and out for blood.

Sure I’ve been doing sessions, but not the eight per month I planned to do. Sure I’ve been writing on my blog, but not with the passion and conviction I feel in my heart. Sure I’ve been “working on” a book, but it took that big, ugly low bank balance to say: look Pete, stop fucking around and release something already, you shmuck.

Your Mind is a Terrible Thing

The reality is that the stress of not having options is complete bullshit. When I started on this path I had nothing but time and willpower, and I did it. I started a business that supported me passively. Now I have those same things plus people are willing to pay me thousands of dollars for a day of my time.

I’m a fucking poster child for the truth of financial blocks being entirely mental.

Maybe you missed that.

Financial blocks are entirely, 100%, unequivocally projections from your mind.

It’s how lottery winners make themselves poor, and how well-liked and connected bloggers worry about the rent.

Find Your Path and Stick to It

So look, if you’re curious about Energy Work and Energy Healing, buy my book because it’s fucking awesome. [Editor’s note: /jenny confirms it’s fucking awesome/].

But what I really want to tell you about is my readings. My photo readings are blowing peoples’ mind out their ears.

The deal is that you, stranger, send me a photo, and I first give you an overview of your core personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, so you know I’m not blowing smoke up your ass (unless you’re into that). Then I list your current major challenges, and solutions for them that fit your personality and situation.

Said another way, I follow my path by helping you find your path.

Maybe you don’t believe that I have access to that kind of information from a photo. Bravo, don’t believe me.

When I first started, I asked that people allow me to use their readings as samples, so future clients could see full readings and know the readings were relevant, specific, and spot on. Here’s a few of those readings for you to look at. Don’t believe me, believe those people.

This is the work I was born to do, and I’m damn good at it.

Do yourself a favor, Hire me.

Since any friend of Jenny’s is a friend of mine, I’m even going to give you a discount of 40 Bones (see what I did there?).

That way the reading is only $47. It’s probably too cheap, but fuck it, I don’t care, my bills are small, and I like the work.

Love and Face Tattoos

Remember, your hardships are here to teach you a lesson; they are here to guide you in love. They are surly and mean, and they have tattoos on their face that were clearly not put there by a licensed technician.

And they love you.

Sit with them, and listen to them. Because even though they love you, they are shitty house guests, and they won’t leave until you really hear them out.

And don’t forget: if you hear them, and then don’t follow through, they’ll come back with their friends.


You wouldn’t think Pete Michaud is an energy worker and a psychic because he looks a lot like a Bond villain who kicks puppies for fun. Muggers look at him and say “Yeah, I think I’ll wait for the next guy…” When he’s not intimidating muggers and juvenile canines, he does energy healing and psychic readings for clients all over the world. Pete writes about energy work and self empowerment on his blog, Also, he’s a teddy bear.

You Are Not Broken

I used to think that the reason there were different parts of me was because I had been broken. I believed that my mind had been shattered by early-childhood trauma and that, until the pieces were fit back together properly, I would never be healthy or whole again.

For years, many well-meaning therapists instilled this in me. They patiently explained how the mind, in a heroic effort to protect its core self, will split apart in times of great trauma. These splits can become more pronounced if the person is very young or the trauma is especially intense.

I was reassured that this was a highly intelligent and evolved survival technique but the message was still, always, “You have parts because you were broken.”

And I bought it. It made sense. It explained why I had raging arguments going on inside my mind. Why it seemed like there were different voices with unique agendas residing within me. Why self debasing criticisms and doubts pervaded my thoughts daily.

Until I realized I was perfectly normal.

Well, normal in its most figurative sense. In reality, there can only ever be one normal person walking the planet at any given time. The rest of us each fall somewhere on the bell curve of “above normal” and “below normal.”

I have met people with full-blown split personality disorder. I’ve had conversations with six distinctly different people while only two of us sat in the room.

I’ve also worked with dozens of people who experienced no significant trauma in their life and have never been diagnosed with any personality disorder.

But every single person I’ve ever worked with, spoken to or shared this with has been able to instantly relate.

Every single one of us has those old stories and nasty messages running through our heads. Some of us know where they came from, others don’t. That’s not important. What’s important is that…

Each of us has the power to rewrite them.

Because this is the True Story: You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are in this moment.

Nothing is broken in you.

Nothing is wrong with you.

You are love.

And you are loved.