Impact Assessment! Subconscious Sales Page Flags

Back by popular demand, today’s Impact Assessment discusses how a lack of specificity can create a subconscious trigger for people to NOT buy from you…even if what you’re selling is the best thing since Nutter Butters!

Watch the video, then stay tuned because this is going to be a week that may very well turn your business around. Let’s get to the bottom of what’s not working for you so you can start bringing IN money this holiday season instead of just watching it fly out the door.


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Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the video. Do you want to see more of these? Are there any specific points I discussed here that resonate with you?

Impact Assessment – Pain Versus Positivity



Writing content that speaks to your potential customers’ pain points is tricky business. To avoid your copy taking on a dark and depressing tone, focus on the positive elements that exists in your work instead of the grueling pain your perfect people might be experiencing.

Thanks to Jocelyn Jacks Kahn at  Healing Growth and Wholeness for today’s submission:



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**CORRECTION: Did I mention I’m trying to limit myself to one cuppa/day? It’s taking its toll. In the beginning of the video I refer to the third/second tense. What I meant was third/second *person* (good thing I chose copy writer instead of high school English teacher, eh?) Am I going to take the video down or re-do it? Newp. Our imperfections are what keep us on our toes.

Impact Assessment – Digging Deep to Find the Heart of What We Offer



Today’s Impact Assessment is from Carolyn at While Carolyn does sell jewelry, it’s not just ANY jewelry and as she discovered, there is something much deeper and more meaningful in her creations. Now, how to communicate that to the site’s visitors…


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