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Campfire Circles Case Study – Live at Home Seniors

As we’re currently enrolling our Campfire Circle’s fall session, I thought it might be useful for you to get some insightful feedback from previous campers. Today we feature Nancy O’Toole. An amazing woman I feel blessed to have in my circle. Read about her experience with camp and what it meant for her new business.

Briefly describe your work/business at the time you started the program. What was working, what wasn’t?

When I started the program with Jenny and Sandi I was close to launching my internet business.  The website was coming along fine, but I knew that social media would be important to marketing my business and I needed help.  I was good at LinkedIn, but had dormant accounts with Facebook and Twitter. To say the least, Facebook and Twitter scared me.

 What transformed for you as you journeyed through the program?

What transformed me as I journeyed through the program was taking risks to venture where I hadn’t dare let myself go.  And, it was Jenny and Sandi, the camp counselors, and my fellow campers whose love and support gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and take the risks I needed for myself and my business.  I knew if I shared my hesitation and fear they would rally around me.  And, rally they did!  It was amazing!  They showed up where and when I least expected but needed them the most.  The camp counselors and fellow campers were awesome!  I believe they gave me the courage to make my transformative journey possible!

How did these transformations affect your work/business?

The love and support helped me push through to test launch my website.  And, with their help and support, I am venturing, slow but sure, into social media.

Tell us a little about your work/business today. What do you do?

Today in my business I’ve test launched my website and am currently taking all the feedback I received to improve the site before letting it loose on the world.

Editor’s Note: Nancy is helping people learn how to safely keep their aging parents at home. You can check out her fabulous and spankin’ new site here at Live at Home Seniors.

Did you feel the program offered a good value for your time and money?

The program was a great value for the time and money.  It was a well-structured program with a monthly theme and weekly calls.  All the calls for the month revolved around that month’s theme, but the format for the weekly call was different for each week of the month, keeping things interesting. There was no getting bored with this program!  In addition, Jenny and Sandi both offered a 1-1 coaching call with each of us monthly.  You can’t beat the return on investment for this program!

Why would you recommend this program?

One gets out of this program what they are willing and able to put into it.  You’ll get the most from this program if you give it not only your time and energy but also your willingness to dig deep within yourself to find and face those fears that are blocking your progress.  Whether you’re a well-established business or just starting out like I was, I recommend this program to any solopreneur who has the drive to get out of their comfort zone and take their business to the next level but needs some help and support getting there.  If this is you, I recommend running, not walking, to sign up for this very special program. 

Thank you so much, Nancy!

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