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Are You a Transpersonal Undoing Agent, Too?

Aha is a spiritual guru who classifies himself as a “transpersonal undoing agent” which doesn’t make much sense until you listen to his message.

I was turned onto him while watching a documentary, The Nature of Existence.

I’m a whore for documentaries of every kind on any subject. So if you know any great ones feel free to suggest!

Back to Aha…

He is a massive man, literally. He has such huge man boobs and such a soft voice, I thought at first he was a bearded lady. He’s also quite beautiful. He says, with arms spread wide, the meaning of life is “to be radiant as fuck.” I ask you…what’s not to love about this guy??

When asked about destiny this was his reply:

“In all cases, whatever direction you go, whether you end up swept away by fate or recognized as some great hero of destiny…you’re gonna be fuckin’ forgotten. And to know you’re going to be forgotten…and to do it anyway…is the definition of courage.”



Courage, from the Old French word corage meaning “heart, innermost feelings” and replaced the Old English word ellen meaning “zeal, strength.” It is one of those gummilicious words with an allegorical meaning, inner strength, born from its evolution. The word itself becomes poetic.

Time and trade have transformed this word into so much more than its meager beginnings. In Middle English (c.1100 – c.1500) courage was used more broadly for “what is in one’s mind or thoughts.” These thoughts could be of bravery, but also pride, confidence, envy and lust.

A quick glance at modern quotes on the word courage shows the vast differences in interpretation from one person to the next.

For many of us, courage is what we seek. It’s why we meditate and/or communicate with our internal selves. It’s why we seek out coaches and therapists and mentors.

Courage gets all bound up in the depths of our egoic minds, twisted and ensnared by all our insecurities. And yet it’s the only thing that can really free us.

Aha’s assertion implies that courage requires action rather than search. That courage is not going to magically arise and dispel all our fears and roadblocks. These things will always be there.

That courage is in doing it anyway.


What small but courageous step towards your destiny can you take today?

More Aha:


I think someone giving fucking spiritual advice should try to be a little more fucking intelligent and respectful then to fucking swear during his sessions. This "guy" disgusts me. I liked what you had to say though, thanks :)


 While you're dwelling on irrelevant trivialities, the rest of us are listening to Aha. This beautiful soul is one of the few people speaking who actually has something to say.


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