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5 Actionable Ideas That Will Save You Time and Propel Your Business


Idea #1: Don’t underestimate yourself.

What is easy-peasy to you might be awesome to another. What you do effortlessly might be an unbelievable skill in the eyes of another person.

So instead of getting obsessed with being authentic (because fancy and overused concepts won’t help you) sit down with paper and pen and make a list of every single thing you’re very good at. And then write down various ways you can use those skills in your line of online work.

Next, go out into the blogosphere and find 20 successful people/blogs who offer help in the same field or on the same topic. Study them diligently and see what they are doing and how they are doing it. Notice what could be done but they’re not doing at all.

After that, go back to your initial list and find out ways you can tweak your skills and experience and offer them in the form of blog posts, books and courses that are way different, more useful and more intriguing than those offered by those other 20 people/blogs.

Idea #2: Be a thoughtful guest.

If someone agreed to invite you to her inbox, make sure to send only stellar stuff. “Stellar stuff” in terms of blogging for business means stuff that is extremely useful, saves one time and money, inspires one deeply, solves a specific problem, causes an “aha!” moment, or puts a huge smile on the face.

The sad truth is that nobody cares a shit about you. Everybody cares about herself and her own problems.

So if you’re going to bombard people’s inboxes every single day, you’d better send them things that make them go “Wow! This is good stuff!” That’s the only promise you should make to yourself.

And keep in mind that one-line aphorisms don’t make for good email updates unless that was what you specifically promised to subscribers in the first place.

Idea #3: Be a big girl.

This is business. You’re not in kindergarten. Stop being touchy, angry, jealous, or hurt at every opportunity. Put your tantrums in your pocket.

Next time before you act on impulse and follow your anger or hurt, remember that what upset you may have a dozen different reasons than the one your ego chooses to believe.

In this way, you can save yourself from looking like an irritable teenager trying to hang out with the grown-ups.

Idea #4: Don’t build connections; make friends.

If each time you approach someone what you have at the back of your head is how you can make use of that connection, you’re not gonna get very far. People will sniff your agenda because insincerity stinks.

Focus on finding out ways to help people. Offer to give a helping hand. Be generous. Tweet a tip, idea or resource you know might solve their current problem.

Ask your readers what they’re having a hard time with. And when they write to you, reply to them with detailed ideas that make them realize they’ve come to the right place.

Share or tweet only the kind of stuff that is very useful in your field. Promote the work of others twenty times more than you promote your own work. Help your cohorts build their businesses.

And don’t do any of those with your personal gain in mind.

Idea #5: Belong to a circle.

Sitting in a circle and sharing stories opens our eyes, connects our hearts and gives us creative power. And when you sit in a circle, everyone is equal.

Circles are where healing and creation begin. Circles are magical. So a circle of cohorts is what you need to grow your business.

Build your own circle or join a circle of kindred souls where you all will collaborate, connect, network, brainstorm, share, support each other, and really grow together.

Learn to help yourself and your cohorts and succeed quicker and easier than you can on your own.

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Cigdem Kobu is a business growth coach and catalyst who believes business is fun when it nourishes your heart, first. She holds visionary conversations with gutsy, creative women about mindful living and sustainable business. And she leads a private circle of cohorts where women solopreneurs learn, create and prosper together. Cigdem is also the curator of A Year With Myself, the most comprehensive program for women who are ready to change their lives from the inside out. Follow Cigdem on Twitter @CigdemKobu and Facebook and sign up for her weekly Wicked Awesome Life newsletter.

Really enjoyed this Jenny, especially the "Don't underestimate yourself" - really made me think. Thanks; Linda:))@jennybbones


Really enjoyed this Jenny, especially the "Don't underestimate yourself" - really made me think. Thanks; Linda:))

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