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Okay, it’s been kind of a heavy week around here. Heavy, but good. I had my guest post on Heart of Business talking about overcoming guilt, then the post here the other day talking about forgiving the people who’ve hurt us the most. I’m also going into week 3 of no gluten, no sugar AND the amazing Sandi Amorim and I kicked off our first week at the S’mores Summer Camp.

I’m SPENT people. Spent. I feel good, I feel healthy, but man do I feel spent. Which means it’s time to slow down, relax, look at beautiful things and schedule calls with friends I haven’t spoken to for too long.

Speaking of friends, that’s actually why I’m writing this to you. I want to talk about one of my friends. I love talking about my friends, especially this one. You might even know the beauty already, her name is Paula Swenson and she is a creative spiral of love and adventure. She travels the world and always ends up somewhere exotic and exciting.

Isn't she gorgeous??

Paula is a talented artist, teacher and coach and when I heard about her personal iconography offer, I knew I had to have one. Who wouldn’t?

Here’s how it went down. Paula and I had a brief chat where she asked me a series of seriously fun questions. (I like to talk about myself, so this part was a breeze.) Then, she told me to sit back and relax and she’d send word when the painting was completed.

THIS was the hard part. Waiting. Because, although I know great art takes time to create, I also knew that Paula’s personal iconography painting of me was going to be amazing and I could not wait to see it.

Being the kind and compassionate woman she is, Paula sent me a video of the progress on the painting (go watch it, it’s so FUN). It was love at first sight.

When it was finished, Paula created a second video highlighting the whole creation (how cool is that?) and shipped my new favorite painting to me (from Tunisia, her latest adventure).

I have the painting in my office, surrounded by some of my other most-special things, where I can look at it every day. Hell, I can look at it all day if I want to, it’s that beautiful.

To be honest, I’m not sure how she created something so utterly, perfectly personal to me with the few questions she asked during our chat. I’m still blown away. She even put Adred in it!

Paula’s a creative alchemist. I highly encourage you to take advantage of her personal iconography paintings before she realizes they’re sorely under priced. But knowing Paula, she just wants to make sure everyone who wants one can have access to one. She’s truly one of the most kind and giving people I’ve had the honor to meet.

It’s not just a creative process she takes you through, it’s a spiritual one. Learn more here:

Creative Spirals Personal Iconography

Full disclosure: I’m not receiving any affiliate monies through this. I received what Paula was offering (at a discounted ‘friends with benefits’ price) and my life was made better by the experience. I have a beautiful painting that will be with my the rest of my life. I just thought you might want one, too.

8 thoughts on “Friends With Benefits”

    1. That’s what astounded me the most! That (almost) secret side that she so perfectly captured. When I look at it, it feels like I’m looking into some of the happiest days of my life…across the street from you 😉 Shit, now I’m starting to cry again. What an emo 😛

  1. I don’t know you that well (yet!), Jenny, but I feel like the painting portrays you in such a compelling, loving, sacred way. Paula has an incredible gift. I’m making a note.

    1. @zografispaula:twitter has an amazing gift, it’s true! I cannot say enough good things about the process and the final painting.

    1. Extremely cool. I’m not lying when I say I can hardly stop looking at it…and I’ve had it for a few weeks. LOVE it 🙂 Paula’s awesome.

  2. Oh my goodness Jenny.  Gorgeous!  I immediately bookmarked Paula’s website in a folder I call Shiny Things, for all those things that deeply speak to me and I intend to do, have or be!

    Totally enthralled with the idea of personal iconography!

    1. Seriously? I can’t say enough good things about @zografispaula:twitter and her work. Highly recommended 🙂

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