3 Must-Have Ingredients for Any Successful Micro Business

Do you ever wonder why some micro businesses flourish while others quickly fade away? Ever wondered why some people always seem to be busy while you’re struggling just to get the next client? Of course you have. We all have.

A successful business is like a successful recipe.

While every successful small business is unique in what they offer, who they offer it to and how they approach those people, there are three main ingredients they all share. These three main ingredients are absolutely essential to their ultimate success. They cannot be substituted for, cannot be omitted and each must be present in sufficient quantities to let their flavor shine through.

If you do a quick search on Pinterest for “s’mores” you’ll see an example of what I mean. There are hundreds of permutations on this most basic (and yet oh-so-wildly successful) recipe. There are s’mores martinis, s’mores cheesecakes, s’mores ice cream, s’mores in a box, s’mores on a stick and s’mores stuffed into jars. The list seems endless.

How can three simple ingredients lead to so many mouth-watering creations?

Once you have a trifeca of flavors, anything is possible. While we’re using the sweet toothed combination of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows the same can be said for basil, tomato and mozzarella or raw tuna, sticky rice and seaweed or chickpeas, sesame paste and lemon…you get the point and I’m getting hungry.

You want to create something that is uniquely you with your business but you still need to rely on time-tested flavor combinations in order to build a recipe that will appeal to all of your guests.

The Graham Cracker

Let’s think of this ingredient as the foundation on which everything else is built. The graham cracker is your marketing and this includes your blog, social media interactions, copywriting, email list and product creation. If your cracker is cracked everything else is going to fall through the…cracks (fuck it, I tried to resist but I’m only human). But really, it’s that simple. If your cracker falls apart your business will too.

The Chocolate

This rich and delicious ingredient is your support network. It is the glue that holds everything together. Learning how to build meaningful relationships in your business is the only way to expand your field of opportunity. From these relationships spring accountability, advice, friendship, joint venture projects, increased visibility, people who will celebrate your wins and shoulders to cry on when needed. Without it? Well, you’re just a sticky cracker that no one really wants to touch. Not only is this a lonely place to be, it’s not very profitable either.

The Marshmallows

Delicate and delicious, sweet and sticky, the marshmallows represent your personal growth. This may be the ingredient that is most often overlooked by the budding solopreneur, but successful small business owners know it is just as vital to building their business as any other ingredients. We can’t carry the same baggage around from project to project and expect different results.

The truth is, you can succeed at anything you set out to do as long as you clear the path of all the stumbling blocks your lizard brain has laid down before you. It’s true, but can be easier said than done which is why I’m a strong advocate of having a kick-ass life coach in your corner.

The Fire

“But you said there were only three ingredients!” Correct, and there are. However without fire, the magical melting and alchemical transformation that turns a plain cookie, a piece of cold, hard chocolate and a so-so marshmallow into the yummiest treat on the planet will never happen.

Sandi Amorim, my dear friend and personal Deva Coach, and I have decided to light that fire for you. Starting May 8th and running until July 17th, we will be hosting the S’mores Summer Camp for Solopreneurs where you’ll get the chance to gather ’round the campfire, roast some s’mores and transform your business into an equally tantalizing treat.

We have a ton of games, monthly challenges and special surprise guests planned. Sandi and I are committed to making this summer the most fun (and profitable) one you’ve had in a very long time. Ready? Learn more and apply for your spot here: S’mores Summer Camp.

I should note that there are only 10 spaces available. While this summer camp is going to be a BLAST, it is also designed to be an intensive program in which you will nurture yourself, your business and leap past those stumbling blocks. Sandi and I want to ensure that all campers get the full support they need on this transformational journey. For this reason, we’ve decided to limit enrollment. So if you’re keen, don’t delay.

PS: There are extra goodies for you if you register before April 17. Go…now…get ’em while you can ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “3 Must-Have Ingredients for Any Successful Micro Business”

  1. Oh. My. God…….I know I’m one of the facilitators but I just have to say…SIGN ME UP!

    This is going to be the best, most awesome, marshmallow melting 3 months EVER! 
    (as long as I get the top bunk!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. You want the top bunk AGAIN?? *sigh* Okay…deal…but I’m going to ‘forget’ to pack my anti-snore strips.

  2. Brilliant program Jenny and Sandi! I was ready to sign up and then I saw the dates are all Tuesdays at 3pm PST (8pm GMT) when I’m teaching – shucks :-( 

    Maybe you will be so popular you will run another group? (Mondays at 3pm PST – hint hint!!)

    Kate xx

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