Time is Money (yeah, right)


Time is Money. We’ve all heard this assertion before. And many of us believed it…which is why we waste so much of it.

We measure it just like we do our money. We track it in minute increments as it ticks away in an infinite circle showing us how much we have left, how much we’ve frittered away, how much more we need.

In truth, time is so much more valuable than money. It’s so valuable that it defies valuation. And I don’t mean like the Hope Diamond is invaluable or Monet’s The Water Lily Pond is priceless.

I mean like the air you breathe, the life you live, drinking in clear blue skies sweetened with birds’ songs. That kind of invaluable.

And yet, unlike money, it’s the most likely element in our life we’ll ignore. Even as we bemoan our dwindling savings or celebrate that big new contract, we rarely turn this same level of attention to our time.

Makes sense to me. Time’s a scary thing. It’s just so very limited, the time we have here on Earth. And it seems to slip away at an ever-increasing rate of speed.

One of my all-time favorite quotes is:

“Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end the faster it goes.” ~Andy Rooney

As solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, micro business owners or whatever word you use to describe what you do, time is too often seen as our worst enemy rather than our most precious commodity.

When I first started my business as a freelance copywriter working for peanuts, there were days that I’d have to write 10,000+ words just to make a decent wage. I quickly discovered how much time I had previously been wasting and how little attention I paid to it.

I mean, I’d update my Quicken files every day. I checked my accounts sometimes twice a day. I maintained weekly, monthly and annual spreadsheets on all my expenses and income. I knew were every penny was coming from and where it would go.

But time. Meh. Not really worth my time (ahem) to do all that tracking for it, as well. Until I had no choice.

So I approached it just as I did when I first started to learn how to budget money. I wrote down every minute I spent, what I spent it on and what got accomplished. I tracked every minute of every day for over three months until I knew -to the second- how long any given task would take.

I began to recognize cycles where my productivity would slow down. Usually around the New Moon (read: PMS), I would need to give myself longer breaks and more frequently. I was able to prepare for these cycles instead of letting them sneak up on me and totally derail my busy schedule.

Introducing the “30-Day Time is Money Precious-Beyond-Belief Challenge”

I used a system called the Pomodoro Technique to finally get a handle on my time. It not only drastically increased my productivity, it did so with ease and brought about some profound realizations. The technique’s simplicity belies its power.

I’m not an affiliate for this book or the company. Besides, it’s free. But I strongly encourage you to go download it now, pick a date to start, and then use this every day (at least every work day) for 30 days.

Download The Pomodoro Technique here

After you’ve grabbed the book, sign up below to start your 30-Day Challenge. You’ll receive weekly emails of encouragement from me and have an opportunity to get some one-on-one support if you have any questions along the way. Then, at the end, you’ll have someone to celebrate with (ME, YAY ๐Ÿ™‚

Click here to sign up for the 30-Day Time is Precious Challenge

The Paradox

You might be thinking, “WTF Jenny? You’re swimming in contradiction here. This sounds like we’re going to budget our time JUST like we budget our money.”

I assure you, I am not. Something magical happens when you start tracking your time with this level of care and attention…you begin to build a healthier relationship with time. You start to appreciate it more and truly value what it has to offer you.

Your perception of time is transformed from one of “never enough” to one of gratitude and appreciation.

This newfound gratitude will, in turn, begin to create more abundance of time.

Don’t believe me? Feeling skeptical? Then I challenge you, good friend, to take the 30-Day Challenge and prove me wrong.

Click here to sign up for the 30-Day Time is Precious Challenge

22 thoughts on “Time is Money (yeah, right)”

  1. Okay, I’m all signed up and ready.  (Thank God for the Pomodoro cheat sheet!)  lol  I was thinking it will take me 30 days just to read the book – and I am so ready for this.  I think a lot of us creative types waste a lot of precious time.  Or at least I do.

    And I am so up for a Challenge.  Thanks for this, JennyB!  

  2. This is awesome. I’ve been telling myself to try Pomodoro technique for months – and somehow keep procrastinating it. (There’s something telling there, but not sure what!) Nothing like the power of working with a group! I’m definitely in! 

    1. Scary’s almost always a good sign (unless you’re in a dark alley, then it’s a very ominous sign…) Thanks for signing up!

  3. Is this like that crazy tomato festival in Italy where they pelt each other with ripe tomatoes??? ;-) 

    Now’s as good a time as any to try Pomodoro again, so count me in! 

    1. Btw, Jen, if you REALLY want your butt kicked…. sign up for RescueTime while you’re doing the challenge. http://www.rescuetime.com >_> if you want to automate tracking your time…. this is REALLY good at being brutally honest….

  4. How we spend our time is how we spend our lives. That is why I love to talk time! How we can make it expand the more we appreciate it and contract the more we ignore it. I’ve heard the Pomodoro technique working wonders for people. I love this challenge. Way to rock it out for your peeps!

  5. Jenny, sounds really inreresting and as a structure freak that loves time…meaning, I am greedy and want more to just muse and be more creative rather then task after task work horse model….
    Gonna give myself a few days to ponder this challenge!

  6. That made me smile, I already track everything I do all the time. I
    stopped for a while because I was dating a guy who thought I was wasting
    time by tracking my time, and i could never remember what I did, or
    where my time went to and Now that I am tracking it again, i know where I
    spend my time and I’ve started telling others about it. I never heard
    about pomodoro tho, I’ve just been using google calender it and it helps
    me immensely ๐Ÿ™‚ So I totally understand where you’re coming from!

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