Emotional Stability

I was turned onto this incredible piece by Max Lugavere yesterday and had to share it with you. YOU MUST LISTEN. You must. That is all.

10 thoughts on “Emotional Stability”

  1. That is freakin’ awesome. Must, must listen.

    Must now go back to throwing myself against the locked door…

    1. Thank you, Ray Harvey. I had to look up ‘discursive’ and determined it was a perfect word to describe my emotions & mind-chatter most of the time lol. 

  2. Well, that was different. And much the way my brain works I have to say. Thank you!

  3. Oh, Jenny. Thank you so much for sharing this. I had tears down my face almost the entire time. From the angle of retrospect (the beginning part), it helped so much to remember and restabilize to what’s going on now. Ah. Thank you again.

    1. Isn’t he amazing? He’s actually one of the creators of Current TV which, when I used to have a TV, was my favorite channel πŸ™‚ I’m glad you found it at the perfect moment xoxo

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