Hiding Abundance

Let’s face it, in this land of plenty, Americans more than anyone else love to whine about their lack of abundance. Yes, I know that times are tough but we still have it better than the vast majority of the world’s population and yet we are so fixated on chasing the abundance we feel is missing in our lives.

So what is this elusive “abundance” anyway?

In my opinion, the reason the so-called “law of attraction,” vision boards, manifestation meditation, visualization hypnosis and all the other tricks and magic spells so often fail is because of a basic misunderstanding of abundance.

The other day I cleared my whiteboard and began to list every person I needed to get in contact with either for business or just to ‘catch up.’ I’ve been remiss in keeping up with friends the last couple months and thought this list might help.

Names kept coming to me and the list kept getting longer and longer until it nearly filled up the board. My first thought upon looking at the list? “Fuck it, I’m only one person. How can I be expected to do all this??”

Whine, whine, whine.

Luckily that first thought only lasted a split second. Immediately after, my thoughts were shifted to what that list really illustrated: I am surrounded by SO many amazing, creative, generous, kind, caring, compassionate and otherwise awesome people.

I have an abundance of awesomes in my life!

So I decided to make some more lists. As it turns out, I also have an abundance of the following things:

  • T shirts
  • Jeans
  • Knee socks in cool colors
  • Foods that combine nuts and chocolate
  • Books on the occult
  • Crystals
  • Magic markers
  • Pillows
  • Feathers found during long walks in the woods
  • Special stones given to me by even more special children (not sure why but children, even ones I don’t know, are often compelled to give me rocks and stones…a magical gift, indeed)
  • Letters and notes given to me by loved ones
  • Memorabilia from special times (dinner napkins, theater tickets, etc.)
  • Photos of my children
  • Nail polish
  • Emails!
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Happy memories
  • Sad memories
  • Recipes
  • Chipmunks and squirrels (outside my window)
  • Dreams
  • Fantasies
  • Hope

It is impossible to make abundance lists without letting some gratitude sneak in. And therein lies the secret to “the secret.”

Abundance is all around us. We merely need to turn our attention to it. Become aware of it. And suddenly the feeling of “need” is replaced by satisfaction.

Once we are able to come from this space of awareness and gratitude, we make room for all the other stuff the Universe wants us to have….like a new really special rock from an angel disguised as a child.

Start making a list or two and you’ll see what I mean. What do you have in abundance in your life? Let us know in the comments and inspire us all!

16 thoughts on “Hiding Abundance”

  1. sorry to say that you are missing one all important piece of abundance.  Ti’ll you figure that one out, nothing will matter.  I am currently enrolled in the Prosperity Course called the 4T program.  Look it up and let me know your thoughts.

    started broke 3 weeks ago, just last week I received a very large and unexpected check from a long distance relative.

    1. Well my point here was that “abundance” and “money” are not synonymous and we have much to be grateful for no matter what our bank accounts are telling us.

      I’d love to check out the 4T program, thank you for mentioning it….do they accept witches?

      1. Ooops,  nope – was not referring to $$$$ – Abundance to me means knowing there is only one greatness.  Call it what you wish – Higher power, God, your Soul and knowing that all is in place and happening in our lives for a very distinct reason and that all is well no matter how shitty things to look.  YES, they accept witches – really go check that program out.

        1. Gotcha, and I really am reading the site right now. It looks very cool,  I might have to dive in 🙂 Thanks so much!

          1. It’s based on the Unity principles by Charles & 

            Myrtle Fillmore - founded Unity, a church within the New Thought movement awesome stuff.

          2. both types of abundance are so much easier to find than you think…you just have to dare to believe…and get imaginative with it..:) 
            and great post….but..a little financial abundance is what we all need and we know it…just a little breathing space to be able to appreciate all the other abundance we have…and to be able to give people things…I’m looking forward to enjoying buying birthday and xmas presents again :)) and fingers crossed I’m not that far away…along with a fair few other people that are picking up the Desi attitude …will you kill me Jen if I write a humorous reply to the above…its just I’m so bad at being good.. 🙂 I know I should meditate, and I know I should appreciate all these things and believe me I do…its these things that have kept me going for the last twelve months..but my god am I ready to start earning some dough :))) hope you get this comment in the spirit its meant… :))

          3. and you know I’ll probably never get round to it anyway…and for those of you that don’t know me…these comments are a lesson in commenting on a friends blog after you’ve had a drink :)) feel fee to delete them  Jen !!

    2. I’m going to look at the 4T program – I am really curious about it – but here’s the thing, at least in my experience – when I’m really appreciating things in my life and feeling good, I’m recognizing the divine in everything – and that’s magic.  At least for me.  Of course YMMV 😉

      1. Well my friend you’ve just described the 4T program.  Learning to recognize the divine magic in ALL

  2. Gorgeously well said, my gorgeous friend!  YES!  It so easy to focus on what’s missing to the exclusion of what is here.  You’ve got it . . . and once you let that cat out of the bag . . . well, just ask Adred!

    1. The cat knows, that’s for sure! 😀 Actually reading a little on this 4T program Jcolome mentioned, looks pretty cool. But for now, I’m going to keep making lists and working on the gratitude part of things 😉

  3. I have an abundance of empty coffee cups and mugs surrounding me at my desk.

    My first world problems, let me show you them…

  4. You know I love this list, and this post gorgeous girl…. 

    I’m on day 107 of my year of daily gratitude and what I’m noticing for myself is that it can be really hard to get into the place of *really feeling it* sometimes.Then there are other times that it’s the easiest thing in the world. There’s absolutely no effort, I just feel so grateful for all that is… right down into my bones.

    Glad you put this out there… 


  5. I have an abundance of love from family and friends, and abundance of delicious food in my life.  On a day to day, I have an abundance of interesting and beautiful things I see around me. 

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