Perfect People Finder – Exercise #2

Our perfect people are the clients and customers who will transform our business from a source of struggle and woe to a source of nourishment and spiritual enrichment. They are the ones who will have us running to our computers each morning instead of dragging our procrastinating feet.

They are not our target market or ideal demographic. They represent a new way of identifying our audience and are the reason so many of us have chosen the path we have.

In the previous perfect people finder exercise we talked about getting brutally honest with yourself about the types of people who you are instantly attracted to or turned off by. These are vital clues as to who your perfect people are.

Today we’re going to go a little bit deeper and figure out who really gets access to the Real You…the You that’s about to transform people’s lives.


Hopefully you have met one or two special people in your life so far who influenced you in some positive way. It may have been a teacher, a family member, a spiritual leader, a sibling or that homeless guy you passed every day on the way to school. Angels come in many disguises.

Whether you have one such person or a dozen, take time to bring each of them back into the moment. Sit with their memory and remember how you felt when you were around them. Next, try to identify which traits endeared this person to you.

Why did you let them close to you?

Why did you open up to them?

What was it about them that made you receptive to the teachings they had to offer?

Instead of figuring out which age range, gender or socio-economic group make up your ideal market, spend some time meditating on this exercise. Begin to get crystal clear about who touches your soul and opens your mind.

Because if you can build your business around these people, your life will be richer than you have ever imagined.

Coming soon…how to turn this information into a Perfect People Magnet (using only your words). Sign up in the big yellow box on the right so you don’t miss it.

10 thoughts on “Perfect People Finder – Exercise #2”

  1. What a great article that really gets to the heart of what marketing is all about: attracting those that you can serve best – and that serve you in return. Thanks for this.

  2. Wait a minute… are you saying reverse engineer what attracted you to your mentors so you can find your market? Damn, that’s smart.

    1. That’s precisely what I’m saying and now I’m wishing I’d worded it sosuccinctlytoo lol. Thanks Michael!

  3. I love this idea and wonder how many people instinctively do this…or is it something you really have to become aware of? Love how you are opening my eyes and mind a bit more!

  4. This is a very interesting exercise! I am not yet sure how to attract those types of people, but I like the concept very much!

    And I have just begun to take the plunge to another website for my photography. The process will be slow because of time allotment, but I am so grateful for your ideas and information. I hope to make this new site a great one!

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