Jenny B’s Online Marketing Training – Introduction to My Madness…erm…Marketing Approach

As promised, I’ll be providing you with all my gems of wisdom regarding online marketing and blogging that I’ve developed through my coaching program.

We’ll be discussing your perfect people, your tribal dialect, email marketing, writing titles that get clicked, see through purple panties and SO MUCH MORE.

I want to start off by giving you a brief introduction into my philosophy of online marketing. Why it’s changed and why the tried-and-true methods of marketing no longer apply.

Let’s say you’re opening up a purple panties shop in a new neighborhood. You hire a marketing specialist to research your target market (women ages 18-50 who live within a 15 mile radius of the new store). Then, you send your mailers to only those people hoping they’ll take advantage of your grand opening sale.

You’ve done this so as not to waste a bunch of money sending mailers to frat houses and church rectories. You wanted to reach only women aged 18-50 who live within a 15 mile radius. Your target market.

Now, let’s try to fit that same model into marketing online today. You set up a site that sells purple panties as well as some female sexual aides. You blog about some racy topics that you find amusing and informative.

What happens if you only target women aged 18-50 who live in a 15 mile radius of you? Well, that just doesn’t make sense. We’re ONLINE, people. Sheesh.

So what if we just target women aged 18-50. Sounds easy enough. Except many of those women will not like the articles you write. Many have never seen a purple glow-in-the-dark nightstick dildo before and might be frightened away or even insulted. There’s just no accounting for taste in this world. None.

There are more than 3 billion women in the world.

Let’s just pretend half of them are 18-50 and half of THEM are online. This means you will be targeting 750 MILLION women using the old method. (Assuming my math’s correct…after six zeros my brain goes wonky.)

Do you NEED 750 million customers? Can you even handle them? Are you sensitive to all the cultural differences and personality variables in a sampling of 750 million women? Are your values in alignment with each of theirs?

Of course not. It’s impossible.

The old paradigm simply will not work in today’s market. Social media and the quiet revolution that followed has blown it all to hell. And I, for one, could not be happier.

What we are going to discuss in the coming weeks is the antithesis of the old ways of marketing. By that I don’t just mean redefining things like ‘target market’…I mean ALL of the old ways.

The sleazy marketing tactics, the elevator pitches, the rules of engagement for networking…all out the fucking window and not a moment too soon.

Are you getting excited? You should be. What you’re about to learn will change the way you do business online forever.

Don’t miss any of these upcoming posts. Everything I’ve learned in over a decade of marketing online will be revealed to you here in the next few weeks. If you haven’t already, sign up in the big yellow box below!

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16 thoughts on “Jenny B’s Online Marketing Training – Introduction to My Madness…erm…Marketing Approach”

  1. Gems of wisdom and a purple vibrator. I love you 😉 Can’t wait to read more. 

    1. I still can’t believe how easy it was to find a stock photo of exactly what I wanted LOL. I love you too, sister.

  2. I’m trying to figure out how my photo got circulated…  nevertheless, I am intrigued.  By you and your posts.  As usual….

  3. Best blog post picture ever. I have the feeling this will be the best stuff you’ve ever written so far (no pressure, or anything, lol).

  4. I’m psyched! You have certainly left me waiting for more! And yes, amazing though it is, there is a photo for just about everything, lol!

  5. I love this Jenny!  I’m finding myself sitting at the intersection of jobs in the traditional sense and entrepreneurship and I think that this post speaks to something they have in common…marketing & networking are different now!  The old ways don’t work!!  I’m on the edge of my virtual seat…can’t wait to read your genius!

    1. Thanks so much Jen! I promise not to keep you on the edge of your seat too long (unless you like it there 😉

  6. “Are you getting excited?”

    Yes. And the picture you used has nothing to do with it. ; )

    I love the idea of quiet revolutions blowing things to hell. I believe in constant refreshing and renewal, so I love new paradigms. In promoting my novels, I’m going off all sorts of advice from all sorts of places, and some of that advice is coming from outmoded schools of thought. So I’m definitely excited to learn how to get rid of all the old stuff and make room for the new!

    Thanks, Jenny. : )

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