Integrity, Accountability and Gratitude…Oh My

I was supposed to be launching my new product right about now. A home-study course on everything I cover in my coaching program. But I ditched the project. Here’s why.

I’ve coached dozens upon dozens of awesome, amazing people since opening the doors here at Up Your Impact Factor. Each one of these people has a strong desire to make the world a better place by offering her unique gift or message.

To work with my clients is to know true bliss. They are my perfect people. They are my tribe. They are people who inspire and encourage, heal and teach. And many, if not most, are struggling to make ends meet right now.

If you were ever one of my coaching clients, you might recognize the contradiction in that last statement. I’ve always preached there are only two things that all of our perfect people have in common:

1. They can benefit from what we have to offer.

2. They can afford our services.

In keeping with this assertion, I tried to keep my prices very reasonable (by industry standards, mind you) and always offered flexible payment plans when needed. I thought I could do it better. I thought I could do it differently.

I can’t. Truth is, no one can.

By lowering my prices to keep them affordable, all I ended up doing was putting undue pressure on people to “take advantage of this amazing offer” when they barely had two dimes to rub together.

Not my intention! And a shitty way to do business, quite frankly.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Given everything I’ve learned, if I am to be brutally honest, and if any “online marketing coach” is to be brutally honest, the best advice I can offer someone who wants to start a business on a limited budget is to not spend ONE FUCKING DOLLAR on coaching. Not one!

(Shhh. If you listen carefully you might hear the sound of an adversary or two being made here.)

Spend your money hiring talented people who can do what you cannot. Invest in a web designer to spruce up your site. Invest in a graphic artist to create a new logo. Invest in a copy writer to spice up your shite. THIS is money well-spent.

Then spend your time reading and devouring free content about your business and marketing.

Almost everything you need, you already have in your heart.

For the rest of it, I promise you, there is a blog post out there somewhere that’ll teach you how.

Everything I know about marketing and copy writing will be revealed on this blog. I will write about each of the techniques I developed to conjure sumptuous clarity for my clients’ businesses. If you follow my posts, there is no longer any reason to hire me as a coach.

I’m completely fed up with the regurgitated products and questionable tactics coming from so many of my respected peers. I’m tired of hearing phrases like “low hanging fruit.” I’m sick of watching people proclaim to be one thing, then go after the very people they know are struggling most because that’s where the easy money is.

[message type=”warning”]Here’s a tip: If you’re broke, hold onto to your money. Do not send it to someone who promises you they can tell you how to make more money instantly, no matter how many cutesy words they make up.

They just did tell you! Sell a half-baked product to a bunch of desperate people and call it golden. That’s how to make easy money on the web. Secret’s out. No need to pay anyone else – ever – for that gem.[/message]

Please note, I am speaking specifically to the “make money online” niche. I am not referring to life coaches (I value my own life coach more than words can say!) I am not referring to energy healers or spiritual coaches, goddess knows the world needs more of them. I am not referring to organizational coaches, time management coaches or sexual liberation coaches.

I. Am. Only. Referring to the “make money online” coaching niche. I understand the value of marketing consultation for established businesses. But I bring into strong question the application of that type of service to people wanting to start a micro-business online as a cash-poor solopreneur.

Now that I’ve come to this realization, it is time for me to redesign my coaching services. The last thing I ever wanted to do was to see anyone in our community here suffer over whether or not they can afford to work with me.

My business’ focus will shift to copy writing. This is the best way for me to be of service to you while maintaining an income I can survive on.

But I love the personal connection coaching offers. I love spending even just a short time sharing someone else’s exciting adventure. I also know that what I offer is valuable. Magical things happen when we work together!

I do not want to remove coaching completely from my repertoire.

Gratitude Sessions

So, I will be offering 2 one-hour sessions each week pro bono (that’s right, for free) to two members of the community who submit a request. These one-time sessions are for people who cannot afford my new rate (wait for it…) but have a pressing issue with their marketing or writing that needs attention.

By “pro bono” I mean it. There will be no up-sell on the call. There will be nothing offered you at the end of our conversation. You get a solid 60 minutes of my time dedicated only to you and your questions.

This is my way of giving back to our growing community. My way of letting you know how grateful I am that you are walking this path with me, if even for a short time.

Plus, I get to be in service to people I sincerely love for eight hours each month. That makes me feel all warm honey ‘n butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon inside.

Cinnamon FTW!

Now, how can I make sure that only people who can easily afford my coaching will buy it? By drastically increasing my price, of course.

If you do not have time to follow the blog carefully, and do not qualify for pro bono work, but would like to get the marketing magic straight from the unicorn’s mouth…my new coaching rate is $750 per hour.

No flexi-pay. No multi-payment options. $750 cash-money up-front for one hour of my time.

Don’t get me wrong…this is a *very* scary leap for me. With this one post, I will be decimating a lucrative income stream from my business. But it’s more important that I sleep well at night.

My own personal evolution and the direction I see others taking in this niche (both in and out of alignment with my beliefs) has led me to this conclusion.

I need to trust my heart. I need to have faith that where one stream dries up, another will begin to flow. Because if we are following our Right Path and doing our Great Work, we cannot go wrong.

What are your thoughts on all this? I want to hear from everyone, and am especially hoping some of my beloved coaching clients might chime in. Please leave a comment below and let us know!


72 thoughts on “Integrity, Accountability and Gratitude…Oh My”

  1. Jenny, this make great sense. The most challenging thing I face today is copy for a new brand and company shift. I have lost sleep over this part and am thrilled you are available for copy support. How can I market if I cannot get GOODCOMPELLING copy to attract my perfect people. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much, Elaine! The more I coached people in marketing, the more I realized that it’s very difficult to teach someone how to write great copy. Some things are just better left to the pro’s lol 🙂 I’m *thrilled* to be a part of your great adventure, too!

  2. Holy crap Jenny! I think you just created a shockwave online I love and appreciate the honesty and integrity of your post. Needed to be said. And it takes huge courage to be the one to say it!

    I wish you great good fortune in finding your perfect mix of copywriting and coaching clients

    1. I hope you’re right, Anne…I think a shock wave is in order 😉 Your support means more than I can say!

  3. Hi Jenny –

    Sleeping well at night, being able to look at yourself in the mirror…none of these are activities that should be taken lightly. I’m just glad I hired you for some copywriting before you get too busy to fit me in!


    1. Truly, Nan! And thank you…see, you didn’t even know you were supporting my new cause. I love the way the universe works.

    1. Baby, I’ll write anything for you anytime you want 😉 Fabric arrived btw…it’s gorgeousness X100 in person!

  4. I love it Jenny, you rock. I hope you make a trillion dollars, so you can swim through a pool of gold coins, like in Duck Tails.

    1. Thank you so much Pete!! I hope I get get a fluffy duck tail too…or am I asking too much from the universe now.

    1. Sometimes…not often…I come up with an idea that makes sense 😉 And for YOU to say I’m a good writer is a very high compliment indeed! Thank you~!!

  5. I loved this post…but I was rather hoping you were up for a spot of project management as well as your ninja marketing skills :))

    1. Oh, Liz…thank you so much for that. All the fear from today has melted into everyone’s warmth and support. ~grateful hugs~

  6. Bones! Bones! Bones! (just love the way that rolls off my keyboard, don’t you?!) You know exactly how I feel about this and you. Brilliant. Wise. Full of Integrity and so super-duper aligned with your amazing life purpose and gifts. The Universe will open and surprise you in so many ways when you step into your right work in integrity with you. HUGS!

    1. I DO love the way it rolls off the keyboard, especially when it’s your keyboard :)

      Your reading this morning was immensely helpful in giving me the clarity and courage to go through with this today. I cannot thank you enough. Everyone needs to hire you. Everyone.

  7. Standing ovation, fanfare, confetti, trumpets blaring and nekkid dancing. Congratulations on this huge leap forward. You are a gifted writer and brilliant conjurer of magic. “Decimating” that income stream will clear the way for your greater success doing what you love most. You’re worth that and so much more. Trust that in you as you have in us.

    xoxo, Lori

    1. “Trust that in you as you have in us.” OK now I’m crying. Thank you so much Lori. Your words and their sentiment mean the world to me. I have no words for how grateful I feel right now.

      (and…um…can we have more nekkid dancing around here? ;)

      1. there will be nekkid dancing. lots and lots of it 😉

  8. Wow, this is amazing, Jenny – so proud and impressed with you!

    I had a similar epiphany a couple of weeks ago, and I’m in the process of turning CustomerLove over to the community to run. It’s the only way CL can reach and nurture many more new entrepreneurs.My dream has been for CL to be an incubator for microbusinesses.I can’t do that without lots of help and by taking my desire to make money out of the equation (I have another plan for that, lol), I’m giving CLers a safe space to get and give help – including, eventually, micro-loans/grants.

    I feel so much better now!

    1. LaVonne that’s great news! I can ‘hear’ the ease in your voice about this decision.

      Personally, I think it’s a brilliant move. You’ve done and given so much to CL. And I think you’re right, it can be totally self-sufficient now (but you’ll always be the GodMother…which, sadly, never sounds as cool as “Godfather” and usually involves more actual work >.<)

      This will open up all the space for you to create something totally new, and totally you! I cannot wait to see what that is 😀

  9. Powerful post. I understand and agree :) If I could contribute one thing it would be a slight re-ordering of content. I really would have preferred this:

    “Please note, I am speaking specifically to the make money online niche. I am not referring to life coaches (I value my own life coach more than words can say!) I am not referring to energy healers or spiritual coaches, goddess knows the world needs more of them. I am not referring to organizational coaches, time management coaches or sexual liberation coaches.”

    Earlier on in the post lol. I find the above mentioned types of coaches to be a) some of the most valuable coaches during the early stages of a business, and well worth any investment that feels affordable.

    Also, I whole-heartedly applaud your new model, and definitely see an hour of your time as valuable and worth $750.00, and I’ve never even spoken with you. Your vibe speaks clearly, Jenny B.

    Rock on.

    1. Yes, good point Jason. That might’ve been better stated at the beginning >.< because I totally agree with you.

      And thank you for your kind words although I'm more excited about the copy writing & pro bono coaching work than the rate hike, to be honest.

      1. Totally 🙂 I figured as much! To clarify: I was speaking to what seemed to be the main ‘fear’ or ‘nervousness’ I imagined you were sharing 😀

        “Dont get me wrongthis is a *very* scary leap for me. With this one
        post, I will be decimating a lucrative income stream from my business.”

        Copy-writing, helping the community, fresh new model, sleeping at night. Rock on, I love how in-tune you are with yourself and your feelings. Thank you 😀

        1. Oh yeah…the dry heaving, sweaty hands, staring at the damned thing all day until I posted it. That? Pfft…piece of cake *lies*

          Your support and understanding make it so worth it. Just your being here, Jason, makes it worth it!

  10. Brave. Honest. Ethical. Ruthless-in-all-the-right-ways.
    And I’m so glad I know you, even through this limiting medium.
    Care for some peppermint tea for that nausea? Or maybe a good stiff drink?

    1. Red wine is as stiff as I go (as far as drinks *cough*) and I’m a wee bit ahead of ye, lass, but thank you :)

      I feel equally honored to know you, Tori. Thank you!!

  11. Huge awesome statement of faith in your talents and adherence to your path. Really well done. And your understanding of your own value is refreshing.

    I’m working with similar energy myself, still incubating how I can turn my talents into a life-supporting exchange with the world.

    You provide a fine example. Thanks Jenny.

    1. Peter with your writing skills, wisdom and *vitally important* message I have every faith you will find that path. If there’s any way I can help, I hope you know I’m here for you and believe in what you are doing.

  12. Well JennyB, you stopped me in my tracks. Just read all the comments and I think it’s now a competition – Who loves Jenny the most??? Hope you’re feeling the love babe, cuz there are a whole lotta people who love you and your mad writing skillz intensely!

    I LOVE seeing integrity in action! Like a virtual orgasm 😉

    1. Okay, are you suggesting that I may have given you something akin to a virtual orgasm? Because if so…I need to turn that into a testimonial for something…anything…

        1. hahaha! I love you so much Sandi. Without your guidance and support I would not be here right now. So on a serious note, thank you so much for being who you be. You’re the only life coach I can recommend without hesitation. So honored to know you.

  13. Yesterday I felt an earthquake–turns out it was Jenny stirring up the universe!

    I am thrilled for you girl–now THIS feels big!

  14. Love that you are following your heart, Jenny. It is brave, and bold and inspirational! It gives me great hope that so many people are searching their hearts to find the truest, most integrity-filled way to serve others. It really is all about equal energy exchange. Things are shifting all around us in a very good way. Thanks for being one of the brave ones to lead the charge.

    1. You’re so right, Michelle…things are shifting all around us. It’s a VERY exciting time to be alive..and to be us 😀

  15. This doesn’t surprise me…I adore Mark and we’ve published in-synch more than once recently. I take it as an affirmation I’m on the right track 😉 Thanks so much for taking the time to post the link, Jason!

  16. Wow. That’s all I can say. Speechless doesn’t happen to me very often, either.

    Hugs, girlfriend. You rock.

  17. Yup. You’ve got it darlin! Because since I have found you I will do whatever I can to keep your wisdom (and wit) close:) And clearly I am not the only one in that camp. This is the move you’ve gotta make to live your truth – and to be of highest service to your tribe. Nice work.

    1. Thank you so much Julie! I’m so thrilled to be working together…it won’t be hard to keep me close to you…I’m like fly paper that way 😀

  18. So there I was, reading a post by Michael Martine, trying to learn how to kick ass on my “About Me” page… yours was the first link I clicked on and was awestruck. What a fantastic page it was! Then I landed on this post and thought.. wow… this lady is really something special.

    The last 2.5 years has been quite the journey for me online. I began blogging when I realized that it was the one thing I had to do in order to find more clients. (I sell real estate, yeah, I know… ) Sometimes I read what people are telling me I MUST do and just want to scream. I just wanna write good stuff that brings me more readers… readers who either want to buy or sell real estate where I work. Simple thing really.

    I am inspired. I am changing my WordPress site, working on the about me page, and very happy that I found people outside the real estate industry to light my fire again.

    And by the way, I think what you are doing is amazing. Integrity, accountability, gratitude, those are things that are high on my list, and I wish that they were high on everyone’s list. But, money gets in the way. I hit the subscribe button faster than you can say “jack rabbit”, and am so happy to have found you!

    1. Oh! How wonderful you found me through Remarkablogger…awesome people gather there in my experience 😉

      In my opinion, the world could use a lot more real estate agents like YOU! Try to drown out all the “Should/Must” noise and follow your heart. People who tell you there’s only one way to do things are sorely short-sighted and have little advice worth taking.

      I’m thrilled to have you here, I think you’ll fall in love with the community (They. Are. Amazing people.) The honor is all mine!

  19. I was really trying to like this post :: but then the whole $750 per hour thing … now I’m not so sure I can digg it.

    Was that supposed to be a joke or has your ethical epiphany actually led you to charging more per hour than a senior partner at a prestigious marketing firm?

    1. If anyone pays me that, you’ll be able to knock me over with a feather. I chose the most ridiculous price I could only to make a point. I’d rather spend my time giving this info away for free to people who need it…and earn my income providing a service I can stand behind (copy writing) than be associated with this bullshit anymore.

      Hope that clears it up and thank you so much for your comment!

      1. Jenny, You have our collective backs yet again. Thank you for watching out for me personally and professionally. I’m always glad to hear from you no matter what the news is darling.

  20. Dear Jenny,
    I love the way you look at life and the relationships you embrace. The first time I read your blog I got sidetracked by the innundation of emails I get since joining Linkedin. I remember you getting comments of appreciation from folks, and responding to them in such a warm way that I felt drawn to you immediately. I believe I signed up for Spice Up Your Shite, but haven’d seen anything of that yet in my email. Maybe I need to do it again.
    I will be 62 next month, and took an early retirement with SS due to health reasons. Before applying for that I started putting all my time and energy into my art and have over 50 wall hangings and a couple of free standing knotted sculptures, plus a bunch of bracelets. I think you may have checked out my blog before, maybe it was another person. Anyway just in case it is : and I would love for you to look at my work and read a little. If you go there, hit a few of my older posts, that is where the majority of my work is. The last few blogs I was on a different kick, telling folks that I was spending time doing some research on how best to gain exposure in order sell some work. You said hang on to my money and not spend it on coaching, but use it on other professionals like webdesigners. I wish I were so lucky as to have some money to hang onto. Not happening. I live with my daughter and my mini income goes to rent and bills. She works but it is very tight.
    You mentioned planning on doing the pro bono coaching calls, and asked us to indicate if we are in need. Yes, please add me to the list of those eager for a little help. What I need to do is pull a small miricle together as my artwork is not commonly included in peoples minds as “art”, rather it is thought of as a “craft”. I call it fiber sculpture, I sculpt and paint with knots, texture and color, and after 42 years of doing macrame, which it truly is, I have reached a level of artistic ability which I believe in. I truly feel there must be a market for it somewhere,however I am such a newbie to the idea of marketing my work, it is a hill I need to climb. So I have been concentrating my efforts for the last couple of weeks to reading, and checking out other self representing artists to see how they do it. It is a pretty steep learning curve ahead of me, but I can only give it a go! Ever onward!

    Thank you for being you Jenny, you are full of heart, and I feel this is a good place for me to be to learn a little on my trek over the hill. Sorry about this being such a long comment, but I couldn’t stop till I said what is in my heart, and on my mind.

    Cecilia Power

    1. Wow Cecilia, thank you so much for this thoughtful response! Please don’t ever apologize for a long comment…your words can always help and inspire others.

      I would love love LOVE to have a pro bono session with you! Just shoot me a quick email: jennyb (at) upyourimpactfactor (dot) com and I’ll send you the details.

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