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[message type=”custom” width=”50%” align=”center” start_color=”#fffff7″ end_color=”#d7acd0″ border=”#d7acd0″ color=”#832674″]This week’s Friday Round-Up is more of a Friday Check-In. Partly because I’ve been unplugged for most of this week dealing with a leetle household emergency (I’m okay) and I missed so much awesome. Secondly, this is what feels right for today…so here ’tis…[/message]

Friday’s Check-In

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  • Last night I spent a few minutes outside honoring the moon. This helps re-charge my creativity and balances my monthly hormone cycle. When I do this, it feels like I am reclaiming my sexuality.

  • Then I went to bed earlier than I wanted to. This was to make sure I would wake up in time for my morning meetings with a clear head and be completely present during that time.

  • After I got up this morning, I made myself eat something even though I wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to eat. This was to wake up my metabolism and help maintain a balanced system throughout the day.

  • Even though I am swamped right now both with work and personal life, I took some time to go walk in the woods today. This helped me reconnect with Nature, clear up my thoughts and inspire more creativity.

  • Throughout the day I practiced quiet mediation, silently inviting the Divine to sit with me in my heart. This was to ensure I was open and receptive to my needs, and the needs of those around me.


Something about doing these things consistently is difficult for me.

They each interfere with my “shoulds.”


  • I Should be working, not walking in the woods.
  • I Should be talking to my peeps on Twitter, not staring at the moon.
  • I Should stay up late and get more done, even if I feel like shit tomorrow.


Admittedly, I tend not to complete each of these daily steps which I know make me healthier, stronger, more productive and infinitely more creative. I know if I do these things my life and business flow smoothly, no matter what troubles arise. I know if I do these things I’ll be happier…and yet my tendency is to not do these things. My tendency is to get lost in the minutia of the day until I’ve run out of time for these very important things.But I think I found a cheat code.

[message type=”warning”]Warning: This might make some life coaches, mentors and therapists cringe a bit because we’re supposed to really want to take good care of ourselves on the merit alone that it’s good for us…but that smacks of ‘should’ to me. And honestly, I don’t get the best results. So I’m going to trust my instincts, hope that I continue to evolve, and do it my way for now.[/message]

Here’s my cheat code:

I do these things for YOU. I promise to take care of myself, and to love myself enough to do these things every day, because I love YOU. I can totally do that. I feel motivated and inspired by that. Yes, this works for me. This is what I’m doing for you.

Now what are YOU gonna do for you (or me)?

My only hope is that whatever it is, it’s something that leaves you feeling wonderfully fulfilled, nurtured and creatively energized afterwards.

Only from this space can we offer our true selves to others.


PS: This week’s Spice Up Your Shite will be coming out tomorrow. It might be late but it’s worth the wait! Adred’s got some great insights for you and she’s really riding my ass to get the word out. So if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so in the big yellow box at the top right of the page. Yes…now.


10 thoughts on “Warning: I Did It For You”

  1. Oh Jenny, honey, this coach is NOT cringing, she is standing up and cheering with sparkly purple pom-poms!!! Motivators matter – it’s only motivation if it actually works for YOU . . . and if the end result is a better taken care of Jenny, than I say– ROCK THAT!
    What I’m doing for you- taking the time to post every week 🙂 yeah I know it’s good for me, but I’m doing it for YOU 🙂 *mwaaaaaah*

    1. YAY!! You can do it for me any day, baby 😀 Thank you Paula! (Um…can you send me some sparkly purple pom-poms too, please?)

  2. You love yourself by loving others. Works for me – not just because I’m a recipient!
    The concept of vocarious ‘care’ bothers my inner armchair therapist but it makes sense. We are defined by what we do for others, we open ourselves to the goddess, we reap the rewards.
    For you this week, I have been a shadow sister, doing exactly the same – denying the ‘shoulds’ and recouping strength. It’s necessary. I thought I felt you beside me!
    Wise words as always. Love you, sister x

    1. I love you, too sister. And am totally, completely and entirely not surprised you are in the same space this week. I am always right there beside you, as you are me. Goddess, I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

  3. I find myself facing the same unholy trade-off and end up short-changing myself, which then leaks out to others through my work because everything’s connected.

    Thanks for the reminder. “Shoulds” suck.

    1. Yus, “shoulds” suck bunny balls if you ask me. And that’s the key here really, that everything is connected. WE are all connected. So if a slight shift in semantics makes me more motivated to take care of myself…fuck it, let’s roll!

  4. I applaud all of that self-care, whatever your excuse. I mean, rationalization. I mean, oh never mind.

    After a week filled with weird synchronicities, changes, connections, and epiphanies, I’m going to bed early tonight. And I’m doing it for you. 😉

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