Friday Round-Up: Creating an Impact is Not a Solo Venture

[message type=”custom” width=”50%” align=”center” start_color=”#fffff7″ end_color=”#B5EDFF” border=”#999999″ color=”#333333″]Each Friday I’ll post a round-up of a few of my favorite posts, blogs and offers for the week. As a first “Friday Round-Up” I thought it appropriate to start with those I am most grateful for. This is a list of pure awesomeness. This list can change the course of your business. Use it wisely.[/message]

Few successes are of the solo variety and the launch of this site is certainly no exception. I was lucky enough to receive the generous help of some very special people, people who I really think you’re going to want to meet.


Lisa Valuyskaya from IdeaStylist

Lisa’s work has been an integral part of the entire launch. From branding to site design to ebook layout, she has worked tirelessly to provide a cohesive visual experience that reflects perfectly the message I sought to convey. Lisa, I couldn’t have done this without you!


Ryah Albatros from InformationJunkiesAnonymous

Without Ryah’s support, advice and assistance I don’t think the launch would have been anywhere near on-schedule. Ryah has an uncanny ability to sort through all the muck and simplify the task at hand, making things feel much more manageable. It’s a gift I’ve utilized over and over again and am so very grateful for. Thank you, sister!


Catherine Caine from CashandJoy

Catherine put a wager out there a couple months ago…and I took her up on it. And here we are today. In working with her I was able to gain an incredible amount of clarity on what I wanted to create for you here. I think the result is pretty friggin’ awesome, don’t you? Such win!


Bridget Pilloud from BridgetPilloud

While she probably has absolutely no idea, her daily Soul Notes have kept me grounded throughout this (sometimes stressful) process. Some days, usually the toughest ones, it would seem the Soul Notes had been written just for me. I highly recommend signing up for this free slice of awesome. Thank you Bridget, and your Inner Me too!


Michael Martine from Remarkablogger

Michael’s encouragement, words of wisdom and magical beard (which has an odd habit of disappearing) have made this journey not only easier but so much more fun. If you want to make a genuine impact with your blog, his site is one you don’t want to miss. Thank you, Gandalf…I mean Michael!


LaVonne Ellis from MakeCustomersLoveYou

If you’re one of my perfect people there’s a good chance you already know LaVonne. If you haven’t met her yet I’m very proud to introduce you. Her commitment to providing a community of supportive, caring and creative solopreneurs through her Customer Love Challenges has enriched the lives of everyone who participates. Tweet up with this awesomesaucetastic group at #customerlove.


The Dream Factory

My mastermind group has got to be the best one around. I’ll accept no evidence to the contrary. Without the weekly support of, and accountability to, these lovely ladies I’m not sure where I would have found the strength and resolve to get this shit done in the short time I allowed myself. A very special thanks to Susan T. Blake, Tisha Berg and Mary Havlicek for everything you are, everything you give and everything you’ve yet to create. Working together with these three amazing women is an incredible gift…and one I get to indulge in EVERY WEEK! Yeah, I’m pretty blessed.


Mark J. Pugliese from MarkJPugliese

His behind-the-scenes support and editorial eye have been paramount to this launch’s success. Always willing to drop everything to help extinguish yet another anxiety fire (yes, we ALL have them sometimes), Mark stood by me throughout this process with infinite patience and encouragement.


Last but certainly not least, thank YOU!

You are here, reading this right now, and that not only makes me incredibly happy…it’s the one-and-only reason this site was created. It’s why all these people worked so diligently to help me build it, including those who didn’t even know they were helping at the time. It was all for you all along!


Thank you for being my inspiration. Thank you for being my strength. Thank you for being exactly who you be, right here in this very moment.


12 thoughts on “Friday Round-Up: Creating an Impact is Not a Solo Venture”

  1. Thank you Jenny! I enjoyed every single moment of working with you — and I am just as excited about your new site as you are! Love watching you make it brighter, better, more you with every single post.


  2. Jenny, thank you so much! Your enthusiasm and encouragement has helped to make Customer Love a real community. It’s so exciting to see you take off!

    1. It’s been an honor to be part of the community. And I’m eagerly awaiting the next challenge and box of surprises I’m sure you’ve got planned!

    1. It really is an incredible list. I feel so blessed! Thank you, Paula…it’s so nice to see you here!!

  3. Snaps Jenny

    I took Catherine up on her offer as well and think it made so much difference and clarity to my business. Well done with everything you have achieved on the site.


  4. A great list of people, but I simply have to point out…who’s the common denominator? Awesome work Jenny! Looking forward to connecting soon 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sandi. The honor truly is mine, I’m humbled by the awesome…and I’m not easily humbled 😛

  5. I am really happy that my soul notes help you! It’s interesting to me how timely they are for people! And I love this list. You’re right, impact doesn’t happen as a solo venture.

  6. Awesometastic list! :>

    Most of these fine folks are already on my radar, but there are a few more that I’ll be adding to my list now.

    Thank’ee’s! 🙂
    Always good to meet new wondrous peeps and be confirmed in one’s good taste in knowing the old ones. ;-D

    And so true about Impact, or anything else for that matter, not being a solo venture! :>

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