Modesty is a River in Egypt

A friend recently tweeted:


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Brilliant, said I. Then I gave it some thought…

Modesty is not ignorance at all, really. We might claim ignorance for the sake of modesty but it’s just a lie.

Modesty is denial.

You actually do know how wonderful you are, I don’t care what evidence to the contrary exists.

Despite what the egoic voices in your head may be babbling about, a part of you also knows you are perfect, whole and complete exactly as you are in this very moment.

To deny this is to deny what is most precious: the source of all our strength, courage, love and hope.

And yet we do this all the time.

  • By allowing our fears to limit our behaviors.
  • By putting ourselves at a level below other people.
  • By putting ourselves at a level above other people.
  • By not shouting our own praises from every rafter.
  • By not sharing our joy, our dreams and our deepest desires with everyone around us.
  • By being modest.

Enough, already. Break out of your not-so-modest denial and take that first step towards admitting you have a problem.

What problem? Glad you asked:

You are exquisitely perfect just as you are. What are you going to do about it?

6 thoughts on “Modesty is a River in Egypt”

  1. One of my favorite quotes is from Suzuki Roshi: “All of you are perfect, and you could use a little improvement.” I am working on sharing my joy, dreams and deepest desires with everyone around us. Thank you Jenny!

  2. Thank you for the quote, Jenny 🙂 Of course the necklace thing was said with a hint of irony – but you are right: very often modesty is denial and it is a pity if it’s practiced by the wrong people, preventing them from letting their light shine,

    1. Your irony is one of the things I enjoy most about you. Your tweet was so clever, I couldn’t help coming back to it, pondering…thanks again for the thought-provocation.

    2. Should you ever decide it’s not irony, let me know.
      I can help you turn it into reality.

      (And may create one anyway with the ‘denail’ version – that’s powerful stuff there.)

  3. I am going to take all this lovely firing-up energy and use it to pounce on ticcy boxes: listing, doing, marking off!

    It’s not just the Borders closing/loss of the DayJobIncome that’s putting a fire under my tailfeathers now – it’s inspiration! 🙂

    THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

    PS – You are now on my list next to Catherine Caine on my ‘must read!’ list. Thank you for that too. 🙂

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