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Bring in the New Year with Peace and Self-Love

light angel

The truth is, I believe that very few of us have escaped depression and anxiety’s greedy clutch completely. Whether we talk about it openly or not, it has become a part of our current society’s identity and burden. The good news? It doesn’t have to be. I struggled for years, decades, with debilitating depression. It zapped my creativity, wreaked havoc on my relationships and painted my days a gloomy gray. My anxiety would interfere with my going to work, grocery shopping or even leaving my bedroom some days. Most of this was the result of some painful childhood events. But […]

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Even Now, Especially Now, We Can Make a Difference

Jesus Christ. I’m not sure if that’s a cry of anguish or a cry for help. Both, I think. I just read about the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and I’m sitting here, like most of you probably are, feeling an intense ache in my heart for those who are dealing with the shockwaves of grief from this horrific tragedy. Unimaginable I find myself saying that a lot lately. Unimaginable. There seems to be a disproportionate amount of loss, separation and grief in our world today. And when the unimaginable becomes reality, fear and anger tend to creep into the crevices […]

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The Power of Meditation


    As many of you know, I went through decades of struggling with severe anxiety and debilitating depression as a result of early childhood trauma. What I may not have shared so often is how meditation played an integral role in my getting free from the binds of mental, emotional and spiritual unrest. Without being exposed to these three forms of meditation in particular, I can’t say for certain I would ever have been living a depression-free life…as I am happy to say I am today. These three practices include: Mindfulness Meditation A practice of stillness, of staying in […]

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